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Two Platforms, One Image: Repurposing Ad Creative For Facebook and Instagram

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram’s cross-advertising capabilities, marketers have the power to reach audiences with the same creative on both platforms. However, since the appearance of an ad on Facebook and Instagram differs slightly in each case, you should make sure that all of the elements — image, copy, and CTA — still make sense.

To get a sense of how creative can be repurposed on each social site, and what the use cases are for cross-platform advertising, take a look at how these four brands are approaching their strategy:


Fasten‘s ad creative illustrates how the app is an on-demand alternative to other popular ride share options. The split image of one man, with half of him in Fasten’s signature green, reflects Fasten’s “different apps, same driver” language.

Fasten - Same Creative Facebook and Instagram

This image works on Facebook and Instagram because it is simple, easy to read, and features eye-catching design elements such as a split-screen style and bright pop of color. Because the image is uncomplicated and straightforward, it reads well for both Instagram’s primarily mobile audience as well as desktop and mobile Facebook users.


When Aerie announced that it would no longer retouch the models featured in its ad campaigns, the retailer made headlines. As one of the first collections of un-Photoshopped images that Aerie revealed to the public, this campaign advertising swimwear and lingerie made sense for Aerie to share widely across Facebook and Instagram. The significance of the photos and the buzz surrounding them made cross-platform advertising a no-brainer.

Aerie Facebook- Same Creative Facebook and Instagram

Aerie Instagram - Same Creative Facebook and Instagram

The images work on both Facebook and Instagram because they simply and beautifully show off the pieces of clothing in candid, natural settings that resemble the surrounding organic content on social newsfeeds. While the images themselves remained unchanged across platforms, Aerie uses accompanying copy on Facebook to emphasize benefits — while letting the images on Instagram speak for themselves with very little ad copy included.


Below, ClassPass repurposes the same brightly-colored creative for use on Facebook and Instagram. While this action-packed image attracts eyeballs on both platforms, ClassPass outfits each ad with its own distinct call-to-action (CTA).

ClassPass - Same Creative Facebook and Instagram

The desktop Facebook ad on the left uses a photo ad format, dedicating most of the attention to the image and directing users to a URL in the copy above. The Instagram ad, however, employs a CTA button inviting viewers to sign up for ClassPass. A CTA button is vital on Instagram, as links in the ad’s copy are not hyperlinked. In addition, CTA buttons stand out and make it obvious to Instagram users what the next step should be; something that’s not always clear when viewing an ad on a smaller mobile screen.

Stitch Fix

Personal shopping service Stitch Fix rolled out this bright and fun ad to announce the addition of shoes to its inventory. The company uses similar creative to introduce this new aspect of its service across Facebook and Instagram. However, each image has been optimized based on the user browsing experience, and the copy has been tweaked as well.

Stitch Fix - Same Creative Facebook and Instagram

In the Facebook ad on the left, the image is more horizontal and features branding on the picture. In the Instagram ad on the right, a few changes were made in order to make the image fit in better with Instagram’s primarily mobile platform. The photo has been adjusted to be more vertical, making it easier to read on longer mobile screens. Also, Stitch Fix has removed the overlay text on the image, making the ad fit in better with Instagram’s visual, product-focused nature.

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