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5 Winning Twitter Video Ads That Drive Clicks, Installs (And Revenue)

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Video is a powerful force on Twitter. According to the site, 82% of users watch video content on Twitter. Because video is already a popular medium on the platform, it makes sense for advertisers to harness that affinity to attract views, clicks and downstream actions on campaigns.

How are lead generation, mobile gaming and ecommerce companies using Twitter video ads to drive revenue? Here are five examples:


Outdoor gear retailer REI uses a video in the Twitter ad below to promote downloads of its shopping app. Instead of pushing the app as an easier way for customers to browse and buy clothes and gear, REI communicates value through messaging that focuses on the convenience of always having access to its inventory and insights.

REI Twitter Video MAI - Twitter video ads

In this Twitter video ad, REI sells the app as an important accessory for adventurers that’s just as vital as the gear and apparel they already buy from the retailer. The ad works because it creates a sense that REI is along for the ride as a trusted companion, offering valuable travel content like “Multisport Trek in Thailand” as well as supplies.

Caesars Casino and Slots

One of the benefits of using Twitter’s app install ad is that viewers can hit the “Install” call-to-action (CTA) button to start using the advertised app in just a few clicks. In the ad below, Caesar’s Casino and Slots encourages Twitter users to take action by capturing the excitement of the slots experience.

Caesars Casino and Slots Twitter MAI video - Twitter video ads

The video mimics the three-panel design of slots, previewing real gameplay and animations from the app. By making audiences feel as if they’re already using the app, Caesar’s Casino makes it a seamless transition for Twitter audiences to go from viewing the video to actually playing the game.


Video is the perfect medium for businesses who have action-packed content to share with Twitter audiences. In this video ad, HBO NOW communicates the value of its on-demand video streaming service by dropping viewers in the middle of the action and drama of HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones. This snippet of a scene in the ad below works because audiences can easily understand the elements of the sword fight without needing backstory from the show.

HBO Now Twitter Video Ad - Twitter Video Ads

The advertiser also ends the clip right before the scene’s climax, leaving audiences wanting more. This makes the ad’s CTA to “see it from the beginning” all the more appealing. A movie-trailer style of video is a winning strategy for convincing Twitter users to download an app in order to continue the entertainment.


When the game that you’re advertising is bright, colorful and fun, sometimes all you need to do is communicate that enjoyment to audiences in order to convince them to download. Playrix‘s game Township is all these things, making the perfect subject for a Twitter video ad. Viewers are drawn in by shots of Township’s vibrant hues and detailed design, all taken directly from the game itself.

Playrix Twitter Video MAI - Twitter Video Ad

Showcasing shots from the game takes away the mystery of what audiences will be getting after they hit the “Install” button. Combined with the incentive of a free download, clicking is an appealing option for viewers who want to get in on the fun of playing Township.

University of Miami

In the Twitter video ad below, University of Miami extends an invitation to viewers to join its MBA program – and community. To drive this message home, the ad employs a GIF of multiple graduates making the school’s U symbol with their hands.

University of Miami Twitter Video Ad - Twitter Video Ads

This visual effect illustrates the message of community that the school is selling. In addition, the video makes U of Miami’s promise tangible by introducing viewers to some of the graduates new students can meet through the program.

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