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Elex Mobile Game Growth Surges 12X with Nanigans and Facebook Ads [Case Study]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Elex LogoElex is a leading mobile game developer in China, and has made large-scale Facebook advertising a core strategy for growing revenues and expanding its loyal customer base. Elex’s top game, Clash of Kings, has consistently ranked among Google Play’s top five games by daily revenue in more than 80 countries around the world.

To replicate the success of Clash of Kings with its new Magic Rush mobile game, Elex chose to use Nanigans advertising automation software to dramatically grow the game’s user base while improving ROI on a global scale. How did Elex achieve 12X growth for Magic Rush in just four months?

Elex Magic Rush Game

Profitably acquiring new users at scale

While Elex’s in-house marketing team had a goal for scaling mobile app installs through Facebook advertising, they needed to achieve that scale in a strategic and sustainable way.

Maintaining consistent performance—as measured primarily by cost-per-install (CPI) and downstream revenue—was a critical factor in defining the success criteria. ‘Scale + performance’ was the name of the game.

To achieve its ambitious goals for Magic Rush on Android, Elex launched a worldwide Facebook ad campaign, leveraging Nanigans software to manage, measure, and optimize the entire process. To promote Facebook’s mobile app install ads with interest targeting and lookalike audiences, Elex utilized a range of features in Nanigans’ end-to-end solution.

Improved efficiency with bulk ad creation

Elex saved time and reduced the risk of costly errors by automating the creation and management of thousands of different ad creative and audience combinations.

Granular performance control at scale

With Nanigans’ audience override tools, Elex targeted and set different CPI goals for each geographic market, affording them tighter control over costs and efficiency, while still enabling large-scale growth.

Lower risk of under-performing ads

By activating Nanigans’ stop loss protection, Elex automatically paused ads with poor performance before they could negatively impact bottom-line ROI.

Smarter promotion of top creatives

Elex automated ad creative testing through Nanigans to ensure that only the image and copy combinations that drove the most valuable Magic Rush game installs were promoted at scale.

Identifying creative that drives performance

Elex utilized Facebook’s mobile app install ads in both the standard (single-image) and carousel format. The Singapore-based Nanigans Customer Success team advised Elex that in addition to using automated creative testing, they should frequently refresh creative concepts to avoid ad fatigue and identify winning strategies.

Elex’s in-house creative team activated new creatives almost every week, with text overlays customized to each geographic audience segment.

[testimonial position=”Julia Zhao” name=”Digital Marketing Optimizer” company=”Elex” quote=”We found that a highly customized text overlay and game logos were integral to improving our CTRs on Facebook’s mobile app install ads. Nanigans enabled us to continuously iterate and test these creatives while optimizing performance on a global scale.”]

“Elex: Magic Rush Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Achieving outstanding results

Starting small and growing Facebook ad spend consistently and efficiently through Nanigans, Elex achieved impressive returns on a massive scale after just four months.


growth in daily app installs


improvement in cost-per-install


scale in daily Facebook ad spend


average CTR across all geographies


more countries targeted

After achieving such strong performance using Nanigans to promote Magic Rush on Android, Elex’s in-house marketing team made the strategic decision to also manage all iOS campaigns through the software.

[testimonial position=”Steven Lee” name=”Digital Marketing Team Lead” company=”Elex” quote=”Nanigans software can bulk create thousands of ads and then manage them individually towards a different end goal. The predictive algorithms enabled us to achieve our KPIs consistently every day for four months, while scaling in a sustainable fashion.”]

Success with Magic Rush is just the beginning for Elex. The company continues to work closely with its Nanigans Customer Success team to build on the strong partnership to date. There is ample opportunity for future growth for Magic Rush and Elex’s full catalog of games:

  • Amplifying acquisition campaigns on new channels, including Instagram and Twitter, for expanded reach and incremental growth
  • Ramping up reengagement campaigns to complement acquisition efforts
  • Activating Nanigans’ mobile SDK to fuel predictive revenue optimization in real-time

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