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4 Companies Generating Leads With Outstanding Twitter Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

It’s a good time to be a lead gen advertiser on Twitter. With over 320 million monthly active users, odds are you’re likely to find your target audience — whether that’s students looking for an online education platform or new car buyers who need insurance. Mobile-friendly ad units, call-to-action (CTA) buttons and screen-popping formats like video mean that advertisers have plenty of options to generate and nurture valuable leads to help grow their business.

So how can you start attracting prospects through Twitter advertising? Follow the example of these four lead gen companies:

TD Ameritrade

This animated Twitter ad from TD Ameritrade grabs viewers’ attention from the get-go with an exclamation of “Don’t wait!”, and reinforces timeliness in the next sentence. The language in the copy speaks to a specific audience; people who are likely to be self-employed, and of the age where saving for retirement is starting to be a concern.

TD Ameritrade Twitter Media - Twitter Lead Gen Advertising

The urgency of the copy and audience-specific message are paired with a simple GIF providing a short, animated preview of TD Ameritrade’s services on mobile. This GIF is ideal for a Twitter ad because it is short, easy to understand, and designed in a flat style, which makes it read well on smaller mobile screens. In addition, the GIF strongly features TD Ameritrade’s signature green, which subtly infuses the entire ad with the company’s branding.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School takes a pointed approach in advertising its online classes. Instead of promoting a wide variety of topics, this ad speaks to specific interests by touting just one class led by one professor – Clayton Christensen, who is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on business innovation and growth.

Harvard Business School Twitter Link - Twitter Lead Gen Advertising

After dazzling Twitter audiences with this well-known name, the ad promises actionable tips that can personally benefit businesses. In addition, other elements of the ad drive users to click through and register, such as a looming application deadline and a quote from a former student to provide proof that participating in an HBS class is worth the investment.


Competitive differentiation is an excellent marketing strategy. As you’ll notice in the Twitter ad below, Metromile not only explains how users can benefit from its services, but also distinguishes itself from fixed rate insurance companies. The ad is infused with the unique trait of providing customers with pay-per-mile car insurance — from the pink banner copy to the customer callout text (Twitter users who drive under 200 miles a week).

 Metromile - Twitter Lead Gen Advertising

The featured photo also speaks to this specific group of sporadic drivers, who may primarily bike yet use their car occasionally for things like short trips to the grocery store. Lastly, the ad invites viewers to start exploring the benefits of Metromile insurance through a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button prompting an insurance quote request.


Twitter is an of-the-moment, event-focused platform; therefore, ads that contain timely content are likely to perform well. With tax season on the minds of Twitter users, Earnest’s student loan refinancing ad inserts itself into the ongoing conversation by suggesting that audiences include examining their student loans as part of their tax preparation routine. By tying services to a timely issue, Earnest’s ad fits in with Twitter’s up-to-the-minute discussions.

 Earnest Twitter Link - Twitter Lead Gen Advertising

The topic of tax season is relatable to most Americans, and this relatability is also conveyed via the image Earnest has chosen for its Twitter ad – featuring a student filling out forms. The candid, people-focused style of the creative speaks directly to Earnest’s young target audience and their concerns during a stressful tax season.

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