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Introduce Great Marketers To Nanigans Software And Earn Up To $7K

Written by: Ryan Kelly, VP Marketing

Do you know a great performance marketer who could benefit from the industry’s best advertising automation software? If so,  you’ll want to learn more about our Referral Marketing Program, where you can earn up to $7,000 when you introduce a qualified performance marketer to us (it’s our thanks to you for making the connection).

We’ve made it easy for you to introduce a marketer to the power of Nanigans, and be rewarded along the way:

  1. Complete this form to introduce us to a marketer in your network
  2. We’ll reach out to them with the goal of accelerating their growth even further
  3. You’ll earn a reward of up to $7,000 when they become a Nanigans customer

With over 6 years experience partnering with the world’s largest and most successful performance marketers, we know the best results come from skilled marketers leveraging the best technology. Relentless growth hackers. Creative innovators. Data-driven strategists. In-house advertisers are disrupting online marketing and powering real business growth from within.

Nanigans Advertising Automation Software

Nanigans’ vertical-specific teams of skilled analytics, product and channel experts mean that in-house advertisers never have to go it alone.

[testimonial image=”” position=”Janelle Stettler” company=”Social Media Marketing Manager” quote=”The software is really like a 5th team member that doesn’t sleep, but allows us to!”]

Great marketers deserve great software! Recommend Nanigans to them so they can confidently use our experts’ advice and profit-driven advertising automation software to boost revenue with their campaigns.

Nanigans Referral Program


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