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How Online Education Advertisers Can Generate Higher Quality Leads at Scale

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Are your digital advertising efforts attracting qualified students, or just clicks? Online education marketers tasked with recruiting new students must look beyond upper-funnel engagement metrics; they also need to understand and optimize towards the downstream actions that occur as prospective student leads journey from first requesting program information to successfully enrolling. Here’s how measurement, optimization and workflow automation can help online education advertisers attract leads with greater lifetime value — and scale their ad campaigns.

Track The Entire Customer Journey

A complete understanding of every stage of the prospective student journey gives education advertisers the ability to optimize for desired goals and KPIs. Tracking the path from ad click to enrollment allows you to spot and improve areas of the recruitment funnel where prospective students drop off or fail to complete the next step in the process.

Rigorous measurement also allows advertisers to understand true cost per enrollment. This knowledge is especially handy when it comes to adjusting ad budgets and allocating campaign spend.

Nanigans - Downstream optimization EDU

Optimize For The Actions That Really Matter

An ad click can be just the first step toward enrollment. And after enrollment, successful tuition payments are an even more valuable downstream action to measure. So why are online education advertisers optimizing towards top-of-the-funnel actions when the most important thing is what happens after the click? By integrating offline signals (like call center or direct mail engagement data) for downstream optimization, you can craft ads that drive demonstrable returns.

Accelerate Scale With Advanced Workflow Automation

graduation cap - Downstream optimization EDUGrow your ad campaigns intelligently with Nanigans advertising automation software. The following tools can help you maximize growth opportunities:

  • Lifetime value optimization enables you to bid based on the amount of revenue or profit a customer is likely to drive over time. Though you may end up paying more to attract highly qualified students, you will also generate better returns from them over time.
  • Cohort Analysis empowers advertisers to understand and compare the value generated by ad placements and customers in the days, weeks, and months after initial ads are delivered.
  • Stop Loss is an automated feature that pauses down ads that are exceeding your target CPA or aren’t meeting your yield goal. With this tool, you can ensure that you’re not blowing your budget on underperforming ads.

By moving away from manual campaign management, your in-house marketing team is free to focus on analyzing performance and capitalizing on opportunities for growth – such as increased bandwidth to advertise for additional programs or schools. A social media marketing manager at a top online education company had this to say about Nanigans’ workflow automation:

Nanigans is really like a fifth team member that doesn’t sleep, but allows us to! Since we don’t have to constantly make manual adjustments to our bids and budgets throughout the day, it frees up time for us to be creative and strategize.

Save time manually managing complex campaigns and concentrate your efforts where they belong: attracting higher quality leads.

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