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Seasonal Advertising Has Sprung On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. Whether you’re looking outside your window or inside at social media, it’s undeniable that the chill of winter has finally departed. The arrival of warmer weather means that your customers and prospects are exploring products and services that go hand-in-hand with their spring and summer plans. Audiences have home improvement, fashion, sports, weddings and more on their minds, and companies can drive revenue by tapping into those needs with seasonal and timely ads. Retailers aren’t the only ones who can capitalize on the changing seasons. In fact, many other industries are getting into the seasonal spirit in order to drive sales and advertising revenue. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:


The return of warm weather also means the return of outdoor sports! StubHub builds on existing excitement surrounding baseball’s opening day with the humorous Twitter ad below. The ticket seller slyly warns against missing out on the first game of the season, using ad copy to suggest the sadder, lesser alternative to attending the game – sneaking peeks during the workday.

StubHub Twitter Media - Spring summer seasonal ads

StubHub drives toward purchases by creating a sense of immediacy in bolded words: “don’t miss opening day.” In addition, the ad features a shot from the field, making it easier for fans to imagine themselves there. This Twitter ad campaign also works because it can be duplicated and personalized to each targeted geography. By swapping in featured parks and stadiums to match local teams, StubHub can easily tailor its creative to key audiences.


RetailMeNot‘s Instagram ad puts a fun twist on a not-so-fun springtime topic – taxes. The coupon marketplace joins the conversation surrounding tax season by suggesting that audiences use their tax refunds (and coupons from RetailMeNot) to find deals on a wide range of products.

RetailMeNot Instagram Link - Spring Summer Seasonal ads

The creative in the ad is blunt and direct, drawing in audiences with a humorous close-up shot of a woman expressing a relatable distaste for filling out financial forms. Aligning with customer sentiment allows RetailMeNot to more easily sell itself as a reward for shoppers looking to treat themselves once they have money back in their pockets.


Springtime is a time for renewal and rebirth, an idea that retailer Nordstrom taps into with a breathtaking and action-packed Facebook video ad. In the video below, Nordstrom invites audiences to “see anew” as it reveals pieces from its new spring fashion line.

Nordstrom Facebook ad spring 2016

The ad introduces these looks in an eye-popping and exhilarating sequence featuring a mind-bending mirror effect and choreographed moves. Bright pops of color and floral accents make this video undeniably spring themed. Overall, the video succeeds at getting audiences excited not just for spring fashions, but for the fun that will follow when they wear them.

Salem Five Bank

When summer rolls around, wedding season kicks into high gear. Salem Five Bank capitalizes on the increased wedding frenzy by running a Facebook Carousel ad promoting its financial services to engaged couples. The images in the ad below puts “I do” front and center with shots showcasing couples traveling and on a honeymoon (a serious expense that will likely require financial planning).

Financial services Facebook ad

The convenience of using Salem Five Bank as it relates to engaged couples is called out several times in the copy of the Carousel ad, re-emphasising the messaging of the images; mobile capabilities, global ATMs and access after business hours are all things summer newlyweds would care about.


With warm weather also comes an onslaught of music festivals – like Coachella and Bonnaroo – that set social channels buzzing. Pandora wisely ties its products in with this excitement by advertising jewelry pieces and accessories as essential festival flair.

Pandora Instagram Carousel - Spring summer seasonal ads

In the Instagram Carousel ad above, Pandora showcases different looks and styles much as a retailer would in a traditional mail order catalog. Each slide in the Carousel has its own setting and related jewelry pieces, so digital audiences with diverse taste are more likely to find a look that appeals to them. Even though the Instagram ad showcases a variety of items, it’s still unified by an unmistakably bohemian, summer festival atmosphere and by Pandora’s distinctive jewelry design.


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