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3 Reasons Why Student Lifetime Value Is Vital For Online Education Advertisers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Advertisers looking to grow enrollment for online education programs can’t overlook the importance of converting higher-quality leads. Designing campaigns with student lifetime value in mind (instead of just aiming to gain clicks and views) is crucial to reaching and exceeding your enrollment goals.

Measrure and optimize toward lifetime student value

Here’s how a strong focus on LTV can help online education marketers make their ads campaigns best in class:

1. Grow Your Return On Ad Spend

A focus on value means you’ll be working towards a greater return on ad spend (ROAS). When you start to optimize your targeting toward users who will actually drive revenue for your university by following through with the enrollment process, you avoid wasting ad spend on people who won’t complete your desired downstream action. This approach allows you to connect with the right students who are more likely to convert—efficiently and at scale.

2. Travel the Path to Better Targeting

Tracking the entire lead conversion flow through Nanigans gives you the insight you need to optimize your online bidding towards high-interest behaviors, both online and offline:
• Online: Track prospective students’ digital signals from lead, to application, to enrollment and beyond
• Offline: Use S2S integration to feed first-party data (call center, CRM, custom scoring) back into predictive LTV optimization

With this knowledge, you can understand the real cost per enrollment and maximize ad spend for long-term returns.

3. Build a Blueprint for Success

Knowing which audiences will be the most valuable empowers you to tailor campaigns to more effectively reach them. For example, by running a creative test you may notice that certain images or time-sensitive copy work best at motivating audiences to perform a certain downstream action. Armed with this knowledge, you can infuse your campaigns with similar elements or build on those ideas to craft campaigns that will be optimized for more conversions in the future.

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