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How Custom Audiences Drive Revenue for Facebook and Instagram Advertisers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Many marketers overlook the importance of customer retention in favor of user acquisition, though the truth is that both strategies are important to maintaining revenue growth. Whether you’d like to prompt a level 5 user to make an in-app mobile game purchase or buy a sweater that they’ve looked at on your retail website, Facebook and Instagram both make it easy to retarget current customers with Custom Audiences.

Custom Audience Intro - Custom Audiences Revenue Facebook Instagram AdvertisingWhat Is A Custom Audience?

A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets marketers serve ads to their existing customers. Custom Audiences work best when segmented by behavior or demographic – for example, people whose purchases have high average order value, or parents (people who have bought multiple items for kids in the past). You can create a Custom Audience from lists of email addresses, phone numbers, collected IDs from a pixel on your website or a mobile app SDK.

Benefits - Custom Audiences Revenue Facebook Instagram AdvertisingWhy Should I Use Custom Audiences?

It’s easier to sell to people who are already familiar with your company than constantly explain your value and offerings to new audiences. Using Custom Audiences allows you to strengthen existing relationships and address common customer conversion issues such as shopping cart abandonment or loss of interest in a mobile game. Custom Audiences can also help you grow advertising revenue by allowing you to promote exclusive deals to your best customers (aka, frequent shoppers or gamers who are more likely to make in-app purchases).

How Can Custom Audiences Help Me Drive Revenue?

There are many ways advertisers can use Custom Audiences to achieve revenue goals and maintain customer loyalty. Below are just a few examples of how businesses can make Custom Audiences work for them:

Shopping cart abandonment - Custom Audiences Revenue Facebook Instagram AdvertisingCombat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Let’s face it – the Internet is full of distractions. Using a pixel and Website Custom Audiences, you can target ads toward people who added items to their shopping cart on your commerce site, then navigated away without buying (blame the cat videos?). Remind them about their unfinished purchase on Facebook and Instagram, using ad copy like “Forgetting something?”, or use a special offer to encourage them to buy the products they were interested in. Depending on the demographic, free shipping or a percentage discount can be extremely persuasive.

Gaming- Custom Audiences Revenue Facebook Instagram AdvertisingReach Out To Lapsed App Users

Looking to re-engage users who have downloaded your mobile game but haven’t played in a while? Custom Audiences allow you to target gamers with ads that will get them back in the action. Serve lapsed app users Facebook and Instagram ads featuring creative that reminds them of where they left off in your game – and all the excitement that they’re missing. Or, encourage them to log in with a special offer like an exclusive item or prize pack. Whatever strategy you use, don’t hesitate to reach back out to these players, as reactivating someone who’s already downloaded your game can be more economical than paying to acquire entirely new users.

Lookalikes - Custom Audiences Revenue Facebook Instagram AdvertisingFind People Who Are Similar To Your Best Customers

Serving particular ads and promotions to people who have already shown intent to purchase is just the beginning of the benefits that Custom Audiences bring to the table. Once you assemble Custom Audiences built from customers with outstanding purchase habits, you can start creating Lookalike Audiences. LALs allow you to serve ads to new users with behaviors and interests in common with your best online customers, with the assumption that they’ll also be an ideal customer for your brand. This focused targeting will help you spend your ad budget wisely on people who are more likely to take action on your Facebook and Instagram ads – and more likely to have a high lifetime value.

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