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Advertisers Surpass Return on Ad Spend Goals by 33% Using Nanigans’ Mobile SDK [Study]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

Maximizing your first-party data is critical for higher returns on mobile.

Data is at the heart of mobile advertising optimization. Without insight into downstream revenue-generating events like in-app purchases, mobile app advertisers may be wasting ad budgets by ignoring the post-install behaviors that actually drive growth for their business.

To measure and optimize on in-app events, many advertisers on Facebook employ an external mobile measurement partner (MMP) to close the loop on attribution. However, the vast majority of large-scale advertisers using Nanigans take mobile measurement one step further by leveraging the integrated mobile software development kit (SDK). Nanigans’ mobile SDK enables real-time measurement and optimization of in-app events for more effective profit-driven advertising across channels and devices.

Among the 20 highest-spending advertisers using Nanigans’ mobile SDK, average expected performance gains are significantly higher than those of marketers only using an external MMP for in-app tracking.

What’s behind the expectation for higher returns with Nanigans’ mobile SDK? Proven results at scale.

Higher Return on Ad Spend

Advertisers using Nanigans’ mobile SDK benefit from dramatically faster ad optimization, enabling them to not only set higher return on ad spend (ROAS) goals than advertisers only using an MMP, but also to surpass those goals much more frequently.


increase in expected ROAS with Nanigans SDK vs. third-party mobile measurement only


average ROAS increase above goal among advertisers using the Nanigans mobile SDK

ROAS Goal vs. Performance: With and without Nanigans Mobile SDK

Unlocking Performance and Scale on Mobile

Advertisers on Facebook thinking strategically about mobile measurement and optimization often start by implementing Facebook’s own SDK. However, much like Facebook’s Power Editor for campaign management, this native solution has its limits. The Facebook SDK can only monitor 14 predetermined in-app events, like “add to cart,” and can’t provide anything more granular than ad-level event tracking.

Integrating with a third-party mobile measurement partner (MMP) is typically the next step for advertisers looking for deeper insights. MMPs can connect various first-party data sources to event-level digital advertising efforts, including in-app behaviors and historical purchases. While these insights are highly valuable, MMPs are inherently separate from ad management, optimization, and reporting solutions like Nanigans.

For large-scale profit-driven performance marketers, this separation presents a challenge; MMPs introduce an unavoidable delay between gaining insights into in-app events and actually putting them into practice to fuel more intelligent campaign optimization. There is a significant risk of missed opportunity for increased efficiency and revenue growth, since the real-time optimization is essential in the fast-paced mobile environment.

Nanigans’ mobile SDK is fully integrated and designed around real-time communication between your app and Nanigans advertising automation software. There’s no middleman between in-app insights and your ability to immediately act on them to power greater scale and improved returns.

Built to complement the data surfaced by MMPs, the Nanigans SDK closes the loop on attribution and fills in the gaps between the measurement and optimization of mobile ads, maximizing the impact of your first-party data.

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