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3 Ways Entertainment Media Brands Can Scale Growth with Facebook Advertising

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

According to eMarketer, the US entertainment industries will spend a combined $7.34 billion on paid online and mobile media advertising this year, with more than half of branded video content distributed on social media channels such as Facebook. More than ever, it’s vital that marketers in the entertainment industry are able to optimize towards revenue, automate their workflow and find the right audiences and creative that will fuel future growth. Here are three ways Nanigans software can help you do all this while managing your Facebook advertising campaigns at scale.

1. Predictive Revenue Optimization

When running ads on Facebook, you’ll want to spend your budget towards actions that actually matter for your business. Building campaigns with end goals in mind is essential for long-term success. That’s why tools like predictive revenue optimization are so valuable to marketers.

ads - Entertainment Advertising Scaling GrowthPredictive revenue optimization allows you to optimize for actual value, not just upper funnel conversions such as signups, registrations or app downloads. It does this by using downstream signals of revenue-generating events, which you can track in real-time across multiple devices using Nanigans’ tracking pixels and mobile SDK. The key is focusing on revenue-generating events, which can be anything from subscription purchases or renewals, or continued engagement with content.

2. Advanced Workflow Automation Built For Scale

There are many things to juggle when running a social advertising campaign. Are you exceeding your budget? Are you bidding too much – or too little – to reach your target audience? Answering questions like this can quickly eat up all your time, making it difficult to focus on scaling and achieving long-term goals. That’s why advanced workflow automation can help you manage and grow your campaigns.

Audience override tables can help advertisers take the guesswork out of targeting. With Audience override tables, you can take further advantage of higher performing pockets of audiences by setting individual performance goals (such as yield or CPI) for geo, age, location, and gender. This override of current Strategy Group settings can lead to more aggressive goals for certain segments that they know from experience perform better. Because each new user has different lifetime value (LTV), audience override tables enables you to wield much more precise control over these differences on a large scale.

3. Automated Creation Of Creatives and Audiences

A large part of growing an ad campaign involves finding what works and replicating it at scale. Nanigans provides an end-to-end solution for analyzing successful strategies and activating them to fuel future growth.

Entertinament Nanigans - Entertainment Scaling Growth

Tools like the creative tester allow you to identify creative and copy combinations that are performing well and then replicate their success. You can also easily find more audiences that look like your best customers by using Lookalike Audiences. Once advertisers find which creative and audiences work best, they can easily expand those successful campaigns to other channels like Instagram or Twitter. With Nanigans, entertainment advertisers can quickly spot and leverage what’s working in one instance and apply it elsewhere for sustainable, successful growth.

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