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How Entertainment Companies Can Take Digital Advertising To The Next Level

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Successful entertainment advertising goes beyond just acquiring clicks. From subscription services to ad supported digital content, finding and retaining long-term customers is more important than ever. Yet advertisers that only focus on top funnel objectives like app downloads or free trial signups are leaving revenue on the table. So how can entertainment advertisers build sustainable ad campaigns that drive higher returns at a much greater scale? The answer lies in lifetime value.

What Is Lifetime Value?

Lifetime value (LTV) is the revenue or associated value a customer generates for your business over time, not just from the first instance they engage with an app or content. For entertainment advertisers, LTV may be defined by subscription renewals, continued app engagement, or regular content consumption. To determine the lifetime value of a customer, you need to look beyond top-level stats like CPA and focus on downstream actions that indicate the amount of revenue a person will generate for your company over time.

Why You Need To Optimize For Value

Focusing on acquiring the cheapest users may be cost effective in the short term, but it also means missing out on reaching users who will be much more valuable over time. For example, it may be cheaper to acquire a particular user for your app, but if that user downloads the app never uses it, they’ll never make in-app purchases or buy or renew a subscription. Optimizing for value means that you’ll focus on acquiring customers who may initially cost more to acquire, but over time they’ll generate more revenue for you brand through consistent app engagement, content consumption, or subscription renewals.

How Entertainment Companies Can Take Digital Advertising To The Next Level

Bidding for LTV by optimizing ads towards downstream revenue-generating events means higher return on ad spend and more opportunity for scale. If you want to build out sustainable ad campaigns that will generate revenue for your business for years to come, a focus on LTV is essential for reaching your goals.

How Nanigans Can Help

Nanigans offers an end-to-end solution for entertainment advertisers looking to maximize return on ad spend, including:

PLTV - Entertainment Advertising Next LevelLTV-driven predictive revenue optimization projects the amount of value a customer generates over time, so you can understand true long-term returns right away. This is especially vital when determining how much you are willing to bid in order acquire a particular user.


Predictive Revenue Optimization - Entertainment Advertising Next LevelAutomated bidding and budgeting intelligently allocates ad spend to reach customers who more likely to become long-term subscribers or top tier app users. To do this, Nanigans measures downstream revenue events that occur long after the initial app install or registration.


Full funnel visibility - Entertainment Advertising Next LevelFull-funnel visibility and the ability to optimize on any downstream action means more effective prospecting and retargeting campaigns. That same transparency allows you to spot any parts of the conversion funnel that may be hindering your goal. With this visibility, you can fine-tune your funnel to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your growth goals.

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