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Getting Creative With Facebook And Instagram Video Advertising [Webinar]

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Video’s rise to dominance comes as no surprise to those keeping an eye on the latest trends in social media and consumer behavior.

When asked at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London where Facebook would be in a half decade in terms of mobile and video, [Nicola] Mendelsohn, [vice president for Facebook in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa] said the social network would “definitely” be mobile, and would “probably” be “all video.”

Major markets like the United States and China are expected to dedicate billions in ad spend for video in the upcoming years. Why? This dynamic format is perfectly suited to capture people’s attention on mobile, tell a quick and compelling message, and inspire viewers to take action. Whether that’s making a purchase from your mobile website or downloading your latest app, video is a powerful medium for driving measurable direct response impact.

The potential for increasing advertising ROI using video on Facebook and Instagram is especially promising. These platforms offer flexible ad formats, eye-catching auto-play functionality, and integrated direct response tools to help maximize your return on ad spend. If you’re not taking advantage of the video ad opportunity, you may be leaving revenue on the table.

To share strategies and creative best practices for driving revenue with video ads on Facebook and Instagram, Nanigans’ Vice President of Sales in the Asia Pacific, Julia Zhou, teamed up with Facebook on the following webinar:

Q1 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark ReportQ1 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

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