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How To Drive Mobile Game Downloads With Mobile App Install Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

With 77% of US smartphone users projected to actively play games on their mobile devices by 2020, the growth potential for game advertisers is massive. To profitably scale a game’s user base of engaged (and monetizing) players, advertisers have a slew of compelling app install ad units at their disposal.

Gaming mobile app developers using Nanigans advertising software have been quick to adopt new ad types like video and carousel app install ads:

MAI ad units - MAI for Gaming

If you’re also scaling your mobile app install ad spend this year, here are creative tips that can help you create successful MAI image, video and carousel campaigns:

Mobile App Install: Image Ad

Promoting dramatic, action-packed game imagery is a smart tactic for catching the attention of potential new users and driving them to download a game.

Wartune Hall of Heroes  - MAI for Gaming

This Facebook ad example for Wartune: Hall of Heroes features a character mid-action as he fights in an intense battle. The action-packed, movie-poster style image conveys the game’s atmosphere and aesthetic, all while showing off views from within the game itself.

For image app install ads, consider testing eye-catching custom imagery along with direct gameplay screenshots or photos of people engaging with the game on their smartphone or tablet.

Mobile App Install: Video Ad

Games often feature exciting and motion-filled visuals, making video ads the perfect medium for driving high-value installs. Videos are a powerful tool to not only attract attention, but give users a taste of the fun in-game action.

House of Fun Twitter Video MAI - MAI for Gaming

House of Fun puts audiences right in the middle of its slots game with this Twitter video mobile app install ad. Using in-game footage does more than give users the feeling of winning big; it can also be a highly effective strategy for reducing ad creative production costs and for rapidly scaling the ROI of your campaigns.

Mobile App Install: Carousel Ad

On Facebook and Instagram, carousel app install ads can include images, videos, or both, giving game advertisers a large and flexible creative canvas. Multiple scrollable frames present the opportunity to feature progressive levels and a range of characters, or even tell a narrative story from your game.

Words With Friends Instagram MAI Carousel - MAI for Gaming

Words With Friends, a turn-based word game, uses an Instagram carousel ad to convey the flow of mobile play. Each slide in the ad explores the user experience, telling a story of two players as they advance through the game. Creating an atmosphere of friendly competition encourages new users to install the game — and get others to download as well.

The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Scaling Growth with Mobile App Install Ads

It’s critical to understand how to best leverage all mobile app install formats (image, video, and carousel) to scale your app’s user base.
Download the Guide

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