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Dynamic Ads: A Powerful Retargeting Solution For All Industries

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Facebook and Instagram’s Dynamic Ads aren’t just for ecommerce companies. Travel, education, finance and other industries can use Dynamic Ads to drive leads, downloads and revenue on websites and apps.

This automated approach to retargeting helps advertisers avoid leaving revenue on the table by intelligently promoting the most relevant aspects of their products and services to customers on any device. Learn how you can harness the power of Dynamic Ads to deliver the right ad to the right user at the right time.

What Are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads are a scalable retargeting solution from Facebook and Instagram. With Dynamic Ads, you can automatically show customized promotions to individual users based on their desktop or mobile browsing behavior to increase the likelihood that they will complete a specific action.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for travel

How Do Dynamic Ads Work?

Imagine a user named Jordan is browsing your travel website one night to research hotels, flights and activities for an upcoming trip to Rome. He may compare flight prices or check out photos from a particular hotel, but leave your site without buying a ticket or booking a room. Even though he didn’t complete that particular action, a tracking pixel installed on your site can tell Facebook or Instagram which hotels and flights he viewed.

When Jordan logs on to Facebook during work the next day, a Dynamic Ad from your company can remind him of what he browsed the night before, perhaps with exclusive discount codes to motivate him to return to your site to complete a booking. Or, if Jordan has already booked with your site, a Dynamic Ad can promote a car rental package, or even display relevant activities in Rome which he can book through your site.

Dynamic ads for travel

Dynamic Ads are a perfect way for advertisers to acquire customers like Jordan who may have slipped through the cracks if they hadn’t been retargeted and reminded of what they viewed on your site. It’s also a fantastic way to upsell products with higher margins or promote related services, driving even more revenue for your company.

The best part? Dynamic Ads do not require you to manually configure individual ads, and they are synced to your inventory, so you don’t have to worry about updating or editing your ads if a particular item is out of stock or a certain hotel is completely booked. With Dynamic Ads, you can “set it and forget it” so you can focus on big picture tasks that allow you to scale your campaigns.

Best Practices For Dynamic Ads

There are many ways that advertisers can use Dynamic Ads to increase ROI through retargeting. Try these simple ideas to help you reach your business goals.

fuel - Dynamic AdsFuel Discovery

If a user has searched your site for a particular product or service, try serving them a Dynamic Ad with similar items they may not have seen. Sharing a wide range of offerings increases the chance that those users will spot something they like and return to your site to complete the conversion process.

cross sell - Dynamic AdsCross-Sell Complementary Products

Drive revenue by retargeting users with Dynamic Ads featuring products and services that compliment purchases they have already made. For example, an online education advertisers can target students who have already signed up for a particular class with related courses on similar topics, boosting the likelihood of those students signing up for more classes.

top customers - Dynamic AdsIncrease Purchase Frequency With Your Top Users

Dynamic Ads can be used to increase the lifetime value of users that already love your business. For instance, a music streaming service can target Dynamic Ads to audiences who frequently use the free version of its app. These ads can offer them a discount code while touting all the benefits and capabilities they’ll gain by signing up for a paid subscription.

Free Guide: Driving ROI with Dynamic Ads

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