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3 Ways Nanigans Helps Retail Advertisers Drive More Mobile Purchases

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Retailers can’t afford to ignore mobile shoppers. According to eMarketer, more than half of digital buyers in the US will use a smartphone to complete a purchase in 2017. To reach an increasingly mobile audience of customers, retail marketers need sophisticated advertising software that:

  • Enables efficient acquisition and retention of high-value customers
  • Provides complete sales funnel transparency, and
  • Makes it easy to scale success.

Here’s how Nanigans software can help retail advertisers grow revenue by driving new and repeat purchases from mobile shoppers:

1. Get the Whole Picture

Because shoppers’ browsing and buying habits can involve both desktop and mobile devices, the ability to trace the complete customer shopping journey is essential for building a path to purchase with a low drop-off rate.

Nanigans software provides advertisers with powerful cross-device tracking capabilities and unified acquisition and retargeting across channels — including real-time feed driven campaigns. Unlike black box agencies, Nanigans offers 100% transparency into performance, costs, bidding, and budgeting. Once you’re armed with these insights, you’ll be well-equipped to identify weak spots in your path to purchase and will having a better understanding of how to optimize your campaigns toward driving new and repeat purchases.

2. Understand True Lifetime Value

Being able to measure true customer lifetime value (LTV) is the first step toward increasing your mobile return on ad spend. Acquiring and retaining high-value customers, as defined by your specific growth goals, allows you to scale a global customer base or increase average order value across channels in a sustainable way.

LTV - Retail Mobile Shoppers

Closed-loop attribution is the key to understanding true customer LTV. With Nanigans, dynamic website tracking pixels and a robust mobile SDK allow advertisers to attribute value across devices, updating LTV in real-time. In addition, Nanigans also empowers advertisers to maximize first-party data for more intelligent optimization via direct server-to-server connections. This valuable information — like data from loyalty programs or catalog databases — can dramatically enhance your LTV optimization.

3. Drive Scale with Advanced Automation

There are many things to juggle when running an advertising campaign. Details like budgeting, bidding and targeting can quickly eat up all your time. Fortunately, Nanigans’ advanced workflow automation allows you to dynamically manage creative, audiences, ads, and budgets —unlocking higher ROI across your entire inventory.

Nanigans - Retail Mobile Shopping
For example, dynamic ads act as a personalized, digital catalog by automatically serving mobile-friendly ads to users based on products they have browsed on your website. Tools like the creative tester automatically evaluate and pause down ad creative that fails to convert mobile audiences, so you can dedicate the bulk of your budget to ads that actually lead to purchases. Nanigans was built for ad creation and bidding on a large scale, enabling retailers with fast-changing campaigns (like flash sales) to thrive.

This sort of automation doesn’t just make your ad campaigns more efficient; it also frees you up to dedicate more resources to strategic analysis of your campaigns, so you can more quickly identify and capitalize on every new opportunity for scale on mobile.

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