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Introducing Ad Rebuilding in Nanigans: Driving ROI at Scale with Rapid Campaign Iteration

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

The most successful performance marketers know the best returns are the result of strategic campaign testing and rapid iteration. When you’re unable to meet your ROI goals, the only way forward is to try something new. On the other hand, when performance is strong, it’s time to build on what’s working and scale that success.

The digital advertising marketplace is constantly changing, and to maximize returns at scale, your campaigns need to keep up. Traditional campaign management solutions can make iterating on individual elements of your campaigns—from ads to audiences to creatives—a serious challenge. Especially for advertisers running complex campaigns at scale, making even simple changes across campaigns can mean hours of manual updates and a nightmare of complicated variations.

Nanigans software already enables in-house marketing teams to quickly identify which ingredients of their campaigns are boosting (or hurting) the bottom line. Now, with the introduction of ad rebuilding, you can iterate on complex campaigns with the power to make granular changes to hundreds—or even thousands—of ads in seconds.

What is Ad Rebuilding in Nanigans?

Ad rebuilding is a powerful new way to iterate on campaigns faster than ever, using data driven-insights to fine-tune performance at scale.

In Nanigans, ads are built from a combination of elements: audiences (who you’re targeting), creatives (what your ads display), and contexts (how and where your ads appear). Rebuilding an ad instantly deconstructs it into these core building blocks, so you can swap out any combination of ingredients on the fly.

Rebuilding enables you to make quick campaign adjustments, like replacing a saturated audience with a fresh one, or an underperforming set of creatives with a new batch. However, you can even take these iterations another level deeper.

For example, maybe you have a creative (a combination of image, headline, body text, etc.) that’s delivering strong downstream returns, but you need to swap out the headline with a new message. Inside the same “rebuild” of your ad, you can break down the creative into its individual ingredients to make a quick change to just the headline. With so many distinct elements making up a campaign, the ability to make highly granular changes like this is a tremendous time saver.

When to Rebuild an Ad

Since regular campaign refreshing is critical to successful profit-driven advertising, ad rebuilding can save time and increase efficiency across a wide range of campaign management tasks. Here are just a few examples.

Accelerate a Creative Refresh

Showing the same images, video, or ad copy to an audience for too long can result in lower engagement and diminished returns over time. If you know your audiences still have the potential to deliver, a creative refresh may be all you need. Rebuilding your ads with new creative—or even bulk-rebuilding your creatives with new visual and text elements—can quickly reignite a stale campaign.

Combat Audience Fatigue

When a target audience is no longer delivering the same level of performance, it could be time to test reaching an entirely new segment of potential customers. With ad rebuilding, there’s no need to start from scratch. Simply rebuild your top performing ads, swapping out your old audience for a new one. You could also add new audiences to the mix alongside your old ones, and analyze any resulting performance lift.

Make Small Changes Across an Entire Campaign

Rebuilding is the fastest way to implement far-reaching changes across complex campaigns. For example, if you need to update a large-scale campaign featuring holiday-themed images once the season is over, rebuild and replace those images across hundreds or thousands of ads without impacting the structure of your successful campaign.

Pro Tip: Rebuild Multiple Components at Once

For bulk iteration, rebuilding multiple components at once can save you hours of manual work. When you select multiple creatives, for example, from Nanigans’ reporting, initiating a rebuild intelligently breaks them down into as few groups as possible—helping you instantly identify commonalities and implement easy updates across the board.

For more information on ad rebuilding, watch the quick video below and contact your Nanigans account team for help getting started.

Not a Nanigans customer? Ad rebuilding is just one small part of Nanigans profit-driven advertising automation software. Request a demo today to learn how we can help your in-house marketing team grow the revenue impact of your digital advertising.

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