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Introducing Build Restrictions: A Simple Way to Build Complex Ad Campaigns in Nanigans

Written by: Peter McCullagh, Product Manager

Managing profit-driven digital ad campaigns can be a highly complex operation, especially when performance and scale are the primary goals. Fortunately, advertising automation software solves this challenge, and in-house marketing teams are using Nanigans to power large-scale campaigns more efficiently and more profitably every day.

Nanigans software already optimizes every step of the campaign lifecycle, but today we’re introducing a new feature called Build Restrictions to make advertisers even more efficient and effective in their jobs.

What are Build Restrictions?

Nanigans’ Build Restrictions are user-defined rules that help simplify the campaign building process, giving users more confidence and control at scale. Build Restrictions complement Nanigans’ existing capabilities for bulk creation and validation, such as combination builds and a rebuilding, table-based input selection, and built-in multi-channel validation.

Build Restrictions allow users to restrict which attributes combine together when building ads and components. They are global in scope and are stored on attributes themselves.

Build Restrictions can significantly reduce the risk of costly campaign building errors, such as accidentally combining German language ad copy with a video intended for an English-speaking audience. They’re especially useful in optimizing the efficiency of building campaigns with multiple combinations, like those integrating many different products for an ecommerce promotion, or those juggling multi-lingual components for a worldwide app launch.

Nanigans users can quickly build all of the elements they wish to use in a campaign, then define Build Restriction rules for how those assets should or should not combine. For example, a sports ticket vendor can create a Build Restriction which only allows Boston Red Sox ad creative images to combine an audience targeting interest group of Red Sox Fans.

Build Restrictions work on assets and tags in Nanigans, which means they can be constructed based on the campaign building blocks themselves, or from any custom tags used to organize campaigns. Through powerful AND/OR logic, Build Restrictions can be set up once to substantially simplify any complex campaign build going forward.

3 Tips for Making the Most of Build Restrictions

For marketing teams eager to put Build Restrictions into use, here are a few helpful tips.

Working within your current tagging strategy in Nanigans, you can quickly build rules like “If image is tagged Male, only build Ads where Gender is Male,” enabling you to use tags for more than organization.

Build Restriction AND/OR statements enable you to create complex rules. For example, you could create a rule stating “If language is Spanish, then only build with Mexico, Spain, OR any country which is tagged South America.

Build Restrictions will not impact any of your existing ad builds. Any new rules you create only restrict future builds, so you can be confident that all your past campaign builds will remain unchanged.

For more information on Build Restrictions, watch the quick video below and contact your Nanigans account team for help getting started.

Not a Nanigans customer? Build Restrictions are just one small part of Nanigans profit-driven advertising automation software. Request a demo today to learn how we can help your in-house marketing team grow the revenue impact of your digital advertising.

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