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4 Brands Driving Revenue With Refreshed Facebook Ad Creative

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Change is constant in digital marketing, and paid social advertising is by no means immune. Even the most successful Facebook campaigns have to evolve eventually, or else advertisers risk boring their audience with the same old images and copy. And with A/B testing as a performance marketing best practice, advertisers who diversify their creative stand to gain from additional insights on what combinations of ad types, images and copy bring in the most revenue.

How should you shake up your Facebook campaigns and identify what gets audiences clicking? Take a look at how a refresh helped these four companies keep their campaigns eye-catching and effective.

1. HelloFresh: Showcasing Before and After

Refreshing your ads doesn’t mean you need to start back at square one. Sometimes you can take elements from your original ad and remix them in order to retain familiarity – but add a twist.

HelloFresh Facebook video ad

HelloFresh initially ran the above GIF-style video ad to illustrate all the healthy food users can receive in just one shipment. The GIF showcases a wide variety of food all being packed into one box.

 HelloFresh - Facebook Ad Refreshing

For the second time around, HelloFresh sticks to the concept of showcasing the variety of healthy food that it delivers. However, the image-based ad above takes the story one step further by showing the final product that comes from those deliveries – healthy and delicious meals. The before and after effect takes the users through the complete HelloFresh experience and drives home the benefits of signing up for a subscription.

2. Slack: Recycling Carousel Content

The main benefit of using Facebook’s Carousel Ads is that you can share several images all in one ad unit. Smart advertisers can take this approach a step further by promoting the Carousel cards that are clicked on the most in their own independent ads. Not only does this strategy keep a campaign from going stale; it also ensures the effectiveness of new iterations.

Slack Carousel Ad - Facebook Ad Refreshing

Slack colorfully and humorously shares the many benefits of its team messaging software in the Facebook Carousel Ad above. Each image is dedicated to sharing a stat emphasizing the the time-saving advantages of using Slack for business.

Slack Facebook Link Ad - Facebook Ad Refreshing

Slack Facebook Link Ad - Facebook Ad Refreshing

Slack FB Link Ad - Facebook Ad Refreshing

As you’ll notice, every card in the Carousel Ad also works as a standalone link ad. If you do choose to break out cards from a Carousel Ad, make sure that each one makes sense on its own and doesn’t require a larger narrative to be understood.

3. Salem Five Bank: Addressing the Customer Journey

When you target Facebook users around a big milestone like a wedding, maintaining creative relevancy over time is the key to boosting conversions. Recognizing that event-based campaigns must evolve based on the customer journey, Salem Five Bank adapts its creative accordingly while keeping the refrain, “bank happily ever after,” consistent. In the first Carousel Ad below, the images and copy appeal to newly engaged couples searching for convenience during a busy time:

 Financial services Facebook ad

Taking the campaign to its logical next step, the subsequent Carousel ad speaks directly to newlyweds:

 Salem Five Bank Facebook ad refresh

Notice that Salem Five has added an incentive to opening a joint account with something the couple is likely to need after throwing such a big party: cash.

4. Squarespace: Expanding to New Ad Units

Facebook is at the forefront of ad innovation, and online marketers who are quick to adopt recently released formats like Canvas get the benefit of being first on the scene. Squarespace is an excellent example of how pioneering a new ad unit can help keep a campaign fresh on top of changing up the copy and creative. In the dynamic ad below, the website hosting service has a simple message and incentive for new customers:

SquareSpace Carousel refresh Facebook

To take this Facebook user acquisition campaign to the next level, Squarespace again leverages the Carousel format; this time adding video and an emotional appeal that is hard for those in performing fields like music and athletics to ignore:

 SquareSpace Facebook Video Carousel Ad Refresh

As you’ll notice above, the first Carousel card is clickable, leading to a full-screen video experience that ties in with previous ads Squarespace has run online:

SquareSpace Facebook Video Carousel Ad

As a bonus, the creative aspects of using video in an ad are more likely to appeal to Squarespace’s target audience of creative professionals.

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