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How to Build Twitter Ad Creative That Converts [Free Guide]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

It takes more than 140 characters to list the powerful benefits of Twitter advertising.

With over 310 million monthly active users (82% of whom are actively accessing the site on mobile devices), and a real-time feel, the social platform is where the Internet turns to follow and chat about the hot topics of the day.

Not only is Twitter a destination for entertainment and news; it’s also home to innovative new features like Moments and livestream. In fact, Twitter’s reach is expected to grow as it becomes the hub for viewing buzzed-about events like Wimbledon and NFL games.

Thanks to its thriving international audience and mobile-first focus, Twitter is an ideal platform for online marketers looking to expand their reach and boost their advertising revenue. To attract and convert Twitter users, your ads must be eye-catching, compelling, easy to digest and clear in their directives.


What’s in the guide

This guide features image, video, and ad copy creative best practices, along with real-world ad examples for three of the most common direct response advertising objectives on Twitter:

  • Driving customer growth and sales for online retailers
  • Acquiring and engaging revenue-generating mobile gamers
  • Attracting and converting high-value qualified leads

Download the Free Guide

How to Build Twitter Ad Creative That Converts

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