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3 Ways Financial Services Advertisers Can Measure True Customer Value

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

When it comes to financial services advertising, all leads are not created equal — and being able to optimize toward high-value customers spells the difference between a campaign that generates revenue and a campaign that breaks the bank. Can you accurately attribute the value your ads are driving at every step of the conversion funnel? Here’s how Nanigans customers are eliminating wasted ad spend and prioritizing high-value customer acquisition:

measure and optimize - financial services true customer valueMeasuring And Optimizing On Downstream Value Signals

Nanigans has plenty of tools that allow you to find out what parts of your campaign work best at attracting high-value customers. Armed with this knowledge, you can scale those aspects to attract similar customers who are more likely to drive more revenue to your business. However, this information isn’t limited to top-funnel actions like clicks or impressions. Nanigans allows you to track downstream events such as credit check and loan approvals, which in turn enables you to optimize your ads to reach people who are also likely to perform these vital conversion activities.

Maybe a particular audience is more likely to convert on an action such as applying for a credit card, or specific ad creative is best at driving approved loans instead of just initial website visits. Website tracking pixels and direct server-to-server integrations give you insight into which audiences are more likely to complete these valuable downstream actions.

Similarly, Nanigans’ mobile SDK can provide insight into conversions that happen inside your app. In an increasingly mobile world, employing cross-device tracking is necessary if you wish to get a complete picture of your audience’s actions. With the SDK, you can factor mobile traffic into your ad campaigns and successfully reach audiences on any sort of device.

first party data - financial services true customer valueMaximizing First-Party Data For More Intelligent Optimization

You need complete transparency into your entire conversion funnel in order to make informed bidding and budgeting decisions. However, many agencies only offer black-box solutions that don’t allow you to access your own campaign data. Advertising automation solutions like Nanigans empower marketers to keep revenue and customer data in-house, driving more intelligent optimization and decision-making.

Another benefit: With Nanigans software, deep first-party data integration from both online and offline sources can fuel your optimization, all while keeping proprietary revenue data in-house.

Customer Attribution - financial services true customer valueUnderstanding True Value With Custom Attribution Windows

Every company’s goals are different, and the same goes for the financial services industry. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for nuanced ad campaigns or companies that offer varying programs and services; you need the ability to measure returns using your own unique definition of value.

With custom windows and a closed-loop attribution system that allows you to see exactly what elements of your ad campaigns were successful at driving conversions and revenue for your business, you can get a better understanding of ROI across desktop and mobile.

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