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Facebook’s Lead Ads: What They Are And How To Use Them

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Lead generation marketers know firsthand how important immediate action is to advertising revenue, and therefore how crucial it is to reduce the number of steps between when a person sees an ad to when a conversion event takes place. Oftentimes, a social media user will not want to leave the channel they are currently browsing to visit a different website — and even if they do, they won’t want to fill out a lengthy form. Fortunately, Facebook has a solution to combat these lead generation advertising challenges.

What Are Lead Ads?

Lead ads allow potential customers to sign up for what you’re offering without leaving their Facebook news feeds. After clicking on your lead ad, Facebook users will see a form that’s already filled out with information that they’ve shared in their profile, such as their name, phone number or email.

Lead Ad Example - Lead Ad Introduction


These ads give you the ability to customize a form to capture only the information that’s important to your business. You can use them to grow inbound inquiries, email subscriptions, signups, applications, registration pre-orders, and more.

Other benefits:

  • These ads are mobile-device friendly, making it easy for Facebook users to provide you with their information even on smaller smartphone screens.
  • You can also use Website Custom Audiences to serve these ads to people who have visited your site but navigated away without completing a particular task, such as signing up for a newsletter.
  • Marketing teams can sync lead ads with a CRM solution to unite multiple lead generation campaigns.

Which Types Of Businesses Should Use Lead Ads?

While lead ads are a natural fit for businesses in the online education, financial services, and insurance industries, they can really be used by any advertiser who wants to reach potential customers with a service or product. These are just a few ways that Facebook recommends businesses use them:

  • A new way to boost newsletter signups for current customers or get information to new customers
  • A seamless way for education, financial or professional services to generate interest forms
  • An interactive way for retail or ecommerce businesses to offer coupons, deals or offers
  • A smart way for the auto industry to deliver information about new models, maintenance deals or schedule test drives

How Are Lead Ads Performing So Far?

Lead ads are still relatively new to the Facebook ecosystem, but already brands have reported success:

Land Rover - lead ad introductionAccording to Facebook, Land Rover wanted to offer its target audience a seamless experience across devices, and lead ads were a must for generating car quote requests from mobile devices.

According to the company’s digital marketing and social media manager, lead ads drove a 4X reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics.

stuart weitzman - lead ad introduction

Retailer Stuart Weitzman also used lead ads to find Facebook users who wanted to receive emails about its latest products and offers.

The company’s chief marketing officer reports that lead ads yielded 52% more efficient cost per lead across domestic and international markets compared to other acquisition efforts.

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