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3 Financial Services Advertising Strategies For Generating Higher-Quality Leads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

High-quality leads are invaluable to financial service companies, but finding the customers that drive business revenue is only the first step in achieving long-term growth and advertising scale. Here are some strategies you can leverage to optimize for true value and continue improving your advertising performance.

High value customers - 3 Steps To Help Financial Services Generate Higher-Quality Leads1. Identify Your High-Value Customers Using First-Party Data

Your internal revenue and customer data is a goldmine of insights into your most profitable customers. However, you can’t always fully take advantage of this information when you outsource management of your digital advertising. A lack of transparency between agencies and their clients can actually hurt financial services businesses and prevent them from obtaining the knowledge they need drive measurable growth.

The solution to this is in-house advertising. By managing your own advertising through transparent programmatic software like Nanigans, you can keep your proprietary data under internal control and activate it to fuel more effective lead generation advertising. Many advertisers choose Nanigans because it allows them to maximize first-party data for more intelligent optimization, empowering them to identify and retain customers that drive value for their business.

customer journeyHigh value customers - 3 Steps To Help Financial Services Generate Higher-Quality Leads2. Understand The Full Customer Journey

Optimizing lengthy conversion flows, integrating offline lead qualification, and attributing value generated across devices and channels are all challenges that financial advertisers face.But the rewards for solving the lead tracking conundrum are considerable. With a complete picture of customer lifetime value, you can eliminate wasted ad spend and prioritize acquiring more customers like your best customers.

Nanigans’ tracking pixel, mobile SDK, and direct server-to-server integrations can illuminate the journey leads take on your website or within your app, so you can identify potential problem areas and maximize ad spend where it makes the most impact. In addition, Nanigans enables unified acquisition and retargeting campaigns across channels to more efficiently usher leads through the conversion flow.

Target - 3 Steps To Help Financial Services Generate Higher-Quality Leads3. Minimize Risk and Complexity

Scaling your financial services ad campaigns doesn’t have to be a costly gamble. Here’s how marketing teams use Nanigans to exercise granular performance control at scale:


  • Stop Loss allows you to mitigate risk of inefficient ad spend, without pausing ads too early or reducing the reach of your campaign.
  • Optimized budgeting automatically allocates budget to better-performing ads, and reduces budget to ads that are not performing well, therefore ensuring high ROI.
  • Creative testing enables the automated comparison of ads to see which image and copy combinations are best at driving your desired results.

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