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4 Vital Advertising Strategies for Cross-Channel Facebook and Twitter Campaigns

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Looking to grow the reach of your social advertising campaigns? Running a cross-channel campaign on Facebook and Twitter is a natural way to expand on ads that are already performing well on either platform. Not only does each channel grant access to native audiences; there’s also Facebook’s Audience Network and the Twitter Audience Platform to consider.

Combined, the wide range of targeting options and ad units on Facebook and Twitter means that advertisers have plenty of options for scaling customer acquisition and retention campaigns. Here’s how companies are successfully pairing two of today’s most popular social media sites:

1. Hulu Considers The Medium

Both Facebook and Twitter are popular among mobile users. However, Twitter sees especially high usage on mobile devices because its short content is a natural fit for smaller screens on tablets and smartphones. In fact, 83% of active Twitter users access the site via mobile devices. When targeting ads for either Facebook or Twitter, it’s important to keep in mind how they will be viewed.

 Hulu Twitter MAI copy - Facebook Twitter Ads

Video streaming service Hulu keeps Twitter’s mobile nature in mind when choosing it as a location to promote its app. The ad is easy to see and understand on smaller mobile screens. Instead of cramming every show that it offers, Hulu lets one show, Grey’s Anatomy, be the focal point. By promoting just one particular show, Hulu can more precisely target the ad to specific audiences who would be interested in watching it based on their interests and behavior.

Hulu Facebook Video Ad - Facebook Twitter Advertising

On Facebook, Hulu chose to run this 30-second video that promotes Hulu’s service as a whole. Although the video features the star of Hulu’s newest show, the ad still emphasizes how video streaming helps people stay up-to-date with the shows that their friends are talking about. The longer video works well on Facebook, blending in much more naturally with organic, long-form content than on Twitter, which is all about brevity.

2. Squarespace Sticks To A Theme

When you’re running a cross-channel campaign, it’s important that your brand doesn’t get lost on either platform. After all, audiences will still need to be able to recognize and recall your company if they’re going to see your ads in multiple places. That’s why threading a consistent theme throughout every ad is a great tactic for helping viewers remember who you are and what you’re all about.

Squarespace Facebook - Facebook Twitter Ads

Website builder Squarespace captures the attention of Facebook users with this link ad. The ad’s image prominently features a laptop right in the center of the ad, making it unmistakable what Squarespace does and how high-quality its website templates can be. The ad also drives users to take action by offering a slew of benefits and Facebook-specific discount codes in the copy, making it all the more appealing for viewers to click through the ad to learn more.

 Squarespace Twitter Mobile Link - Facebook Twitter Ads

Squarespace’s Twitter ad features a similar theme in the creative. The ad’s image also consists of a laptop in the center, with the Squarespace-made website clearly visible to Twitter users. Even if viewers don’t read the text on either ad, they can recognize both as being from the same company thanks to the unified visual theme and color scheme.

3. Marriott Adapts To Each Channel’s Style

As mentioned earlier, Facebook and Twitter each have their own unique voice. Twitter, with its 140-character count limit, features content that is brief, breezy and concise. Facebook, meanwhile, provides users with the flexibility to share longer, wordier content. Because the style of posts on Facebook and Twitter is very different, advertisers need to adjust their ads to ensure that they mesh with the essence of each channel. Below, Marriott provides an excellent example of how to shift messaging to fit it in either platform.

 Marriott International - Facebook Twitter Ads

In this Twitter ad, Marriott promotes the mobile check-in and alerts features of its travel app. This ad makes sense on Twitter, which is mobile-friendly and of-the-moment — both values that overlap with the benefits that the ad emphasizes. Marriott can easily serve this ad to relevant and valuable mobile travelers thanks to Twitter’s wide range of targeting options.

Marriott Facebook Video Ad - Facebook Twitter Ads

Meanwhile, Marriott chooses to change its advertising approach on Facebook. Instead of directly promoting the Marriott app, the chain subtly pitches its hotels through a video ad featuring Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy. The shareable ad mimics Facebook’s style of organic content by not overly selling Marriott Hotels. Instead, the video features an interview with Pete about life on tour with his band. Entertaining viewers is extremely important on Facebook, where people go to catch up with their friends and family.

4. American Express Stays On-Message

While adapting ads from Facebook to Twitter can be helpful and is definitely worth creative testing, sometimes it pays to stay on-message, especially if the audience you’ll be targeting on both channels consists of the same people.

 American Express Canva - Facebook Twitter Ads

Above, American Express explores a fresh take on Facebook’s new Canvas ad format by dedicating an entire ad to spices around the world. Through bold imagery and an immersive mobile browsing experience, the credit card company shares valuable information about spices cardholders can try around the world when they rack up frequent flier miles. The ad works on Facebook because it subtly promotes American Express while providing fun and interesting information that sophisticated foodies will be drawn to.

 American Express Twitter Mobile Media - Facebook Twitter Ads

American Express’s Twitter ad also focuses on the value of travel, prominently featuring imagery of a packed suitcase. However, this campaign is much more upfront about American Express’ services and benefits, with copy that spells out a special offer. Combined, these two ads drive home the point that American Express is the right credit card choice for frequent business fliers and those who have been bitten by the travel bug.

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