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3 Keys to Improving Advertising ROI at Scale for Financial Services

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

As with most lead generation marketers, financial services advertisers don’t just need to lower costs; they also need to acquire higher value customers. Here are three steps financial services advertisers can take to establish a stable and sustainable foundation of advertising success, and how Nanigans’ software can help along the way:

1. Convert High-Value Leads

Understanding what happens after people click on your ads is vital to determining the success of your campaign. Downstream measurement through Nanigans’ real-time reporting dashboard can tell you if users participated in revenue-generating events, and if they continued to generate revenue for your business afterwards. This information can be valuable when determining what campaign elements can help – or hurt- you as you strive to reach your profit goal. Iterative ad building — integrated directly into our reporting tool — also enables faster analysis and immediate action on opportunities for scale.

Customer Value - financial services roi2. Drive Profitable Growth

There are many elements within an ad campaign that easily eat up a financial services advertiser’s time. Managing numerous ad campaigns and ensuring that each is performing well can take up your marketing team’s entire day. Tired of drowning in minor, repetitive tasks? Nanigans software is designed to enable advertisers to manage highly complex campaigns more efficiently, making revenue and scale goals much moreachievable.

Creative testing is a particularly helpful optimization feature. This tool within Nanigans automatically compares individual ad performance, pausing down creative combinations that fail to convert. Nanigans’ stop-loss protection will also optimize spend towards ads that help you hit your ROAS, LTV and CPA targets by weeding out placements that fail to convert. By automatically pausing these low-performing ads, stop-loss can free up your time to focus on strategic scale, rather than manual maintenance.

3. Unify Channels and Goals

Between online, offline, mobile, and desktop tracking, financial services advertisers have a lot of customer activity to keep tabs on. The complexity increases when you factor lengthy conversion flows into the mix. Deep first-party data integration with Nanigans software allows accurate attribution of the customer value generated across devices and channels. Meanwhile, our unified dashboard makes ushering leads through the conversion flow across channels more efficient.


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