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Scoring A Twitter Touchdown: 4 Advertising Strategies For The Football Season

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Autumn is creeping on the horizon, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for football! This year, NFL broadcasters will have a new teammate – Twitter. The social site will stream live NFL games during the 2016 season, which presents an amazing opportunity for advertisers looking to reach a massive and engaged audience of fans. Before you craft a Twitter ad campaign around football, make sure you follow these four important steps in order to score touchdown ads that drive revenue for your business:

Mobile - Twitter football advertising1. Make Mobile A Top Priority

Whether fans are viewing the game on a TV, laptop or mobile device, chances are there’s more than one device involved. Using a social channel to discuss plays and catch up on other games is common, with 91% of millennials and 85% of Generation X online users reporting that they’ve used a second screen while watching TV.

With 82% of Twitter users active on mobile, it’s safe to assume that smartphones and tablets will play a large role as viewers discuss this NFL season. Twitter provides a variety of mobile targeting options, including wifi connectivity and mobile carrier. To reinforce the success of your ads post-click, make sure your landing pages are tailored to smaller mobile screens.

Keywords - Twitter football advertising2. Research Keywords For Perfectly Targeted Ads

Twitter is a hub for football discussions, and your ads can be part of that conversation. Keyword targeting allows you to connect with users based on words and phrases they’ve recently tweeted or searched for on Twitter.

To use keyword targeting effectively, do some research to see what sort of language football fans are using to discuss games — especially terms that your ideal audience uses frequently. Be sure to include broad matches that account for slang, mispellings, synonyms and more. For example, fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may use hashtags like #Buccaneers or #Bucs or may refer to the game by they team they’re playing against, such as #CLEvsTB.

Geo Targeting - Twitter football advertising3. Explore The Wide World Of Geo-Targeting

Football by nature has a local focus. Fans generally cheer for their hometown team, which means geo-targeting is extremely important if you hope to reach those fans. Try targeting ads to regions that belong to the two teams playing (such as Baltimore for the Ravens or San Francisco for the 49ers). Make sure your ads feature creative that speaks to each audience and showcases their local team. Otherwise, you risk enflaming team rivalries. For example, Philadelphia Eagles fans are unlikely to forgive your brand for targeting them with ads celebrating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Don’t limit your geo-targeting to just US audiences. According to Nielsen, the NFL is gaining popularity internationally, especially in countries like Australia, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Indonesia and Spain. Investigate interest in these regions so your brand can get a foothold in the early stages of a growing international market.

creative testing - Twitter football advertising4. Test Creative Now For Success Later

When pushing ads to NFL fans on Twitter, you want to ensure that the bulk of your marketing spend is going towards ads that have been proven to help you reach your goals. Otherwise, you may be wasting money on creative combinations that fail to convert or attract attention in this especially competitive environment.

Running a creative test can help you determine which ads are most deserving of your budget during the NFL season. Automated tools like Nanigans’ creative tester will automatically pause down ads that don’t meet a certain performance threshold, allowing you to determine which creative is best at driving conversions. Running a creative test now means you can make more informed budgeting decisions later, knowing that your ads will help your business score a touchdown on Twitter.

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