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Playing to Win: 3 Scaling Strategies For Mobile Game Advertisers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

When it comes to mobile games, user acquisition is a constantly moving target. Advertising campaigns that perform well now may drop off in conversions a couple weeks later, and there’s always another title waiting in the wings to claim your hard-earned installers. Scaling social advertising campaigns to reach new audiences is an essential strategy for mobile game companies who want to take their latest launch to the next level — or keep an older title relevant.

Following these three steps will help you scale your mobile game advertising campaigns:

1. Power Up With Lookalike Audiences

Delivering your ads to new people is less of a gamble if you hedge your bets with Lookalike Audiences. This targeting option allows you to push your ads to users who are likely to hit the install button (and monetize!) because they have interests and online behavior in common with the customers that drive the most revenue for your game (for example, frequent in-app purchasers or daily active users).

Nanigans customer Elex used Lookalike Audiences to grow the user base of its new game, Magic Rush. In just four months, the Chinese game developer achieved impressive reurns on a large scale:


growth in daily app installs


improvement in cost-per-install


scale in daily Facebook ad spend


average CTR across all geographies


more countries targeted

2. Put Your Ad Creative To The Test

Before you extend the reach of a campaign, you need to know which elements are working and which are falling short so you don’t waste time and money on bad ads that fail to convert. One way to identify what makes a successful ad is to run a creative test. This will allow you to assess the performance of your ad creative and isolate the elements that gamers respond most favorably to.

After Nanigans customer PocketGems tested the ad creative for its “Choose Your Own Story” mobile game, Episode, the mobile gaming company was able to scale daily spend on its mobile app install ad campaign by 500% while still hitting target KPIs. To achieve this massive success, PocketGems first ran a creative test for single-image link ads on Facebook. Once it determined which creative performed the best, it iterated on those successful images in a multi-image carousel ad.

pocketgems link ad - mobile game advertising scaling strategies

pocket gems caoursel ad - mobile game advertising scaling strategies

3. Get Ahead With Advanced Automation

If you want to build and iterate on high-performing campaigns, you need advertising software that is designed to scale good results quickly. Nanigans gives you complete visibility into real-time advertising revenue, helping you make smarter decisions through cohort analysis and maturity curves. The highly customizable pivot table interface and reporting API make optimizing to unique performance goals a snap.

Advanced workflow automation helped Nanigans customer IGG grow great results from the launch of its real-time strategy game Lords Mobile. Using Nanigans advertising automation software over a four-month period, the APAC  gaming company’s in-house marketing team achieved impressive results.


increase in ad spend while meeting ROI goals


increase in click-to-install conversion rates


lower cost per install than the initial goal

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