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The Language of Retargeting: Personalized & Scalable Social Media Advertising Strategies

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Did a potential customer visit your website and leave before converting? They’re not gone for good! In fact, social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer advertisers an easy way to retarget potential customers, lapsed users, and anyone else who may have interacted with your business previously.

For inspiration on how to win back business and generate revenue through your advertising, here are four brands that are using retargeting successfully on social media:

Modcloth Is Your Friend

It’s hard to ignore a message that is directed at you. Because retargeting is based on a user’s browsing history, crafting ads that speak to their behavior is only fitting. Combining chummy, personalized copy with limited-time sales and promotions is a smart way to grab attention, prompt a purchase, and encourage long-term shopper loyalty.

Modcloth FB Reengagement Link Ad - Retargeting Strategies

Online retailer Modcloth speaks directly to audiences who haven’t visited the site in some time in the Facebook retargeting ad above. The copy gets personal by acknowledging this lapse, and piques interest by hinting at new items that have been added to the site since the initial visit.

Google Play Knows Your Interests

If your business runs an app or streaming service, getting current users to adopt new features can be an effective way to maintain loyalty and grow lifetime value (LTV). Alert these users to new additions by retargeting them with ads that invite them to explore. Try to promote not just the new feature itself, but a specific element or aspect of it that you know will attract the attention of specific audiences.

Google Play Twitter Mobile Link - Retargeting Strategies

Above, Google Play Music uses Twitter ad retargeting to share new virtual reality features with current users. Rather than simply promoting its VR capabilities, Google ties them in with music that audiences already love. By targeting users who have expressed interest in the band Queen, Google has tapped an extremely receptive audience who is likely to adopt this new feature and be more involved in all that Google Play has to offer.

FlipKey Is A Local

Dynamic Ads are specifically designed to helped advertisers bring back users who have visited their site and left without converting. These carousel ad units on Facebook and Instagram showcase items or services that potential customers have browsed, in addition to similar products or offerings that may also appeal to them. Dynamic Ads are proven revenue drivers, and have even helped one retailer see a 300% increase in purchase rates!

FlipKey Facebook Dynamic Ad - Retargeting Strategies

Above, vacation rental site FlipKey uses a Facebook Dynamic Ad to remind browsers of rental units they were interested in. In this ad, FlipKey doesn’t just showcase locations that users have already researched; the company also includes similar listings in the area in order to increase the chances of users spotting something that they like and clicking on the ad to make a booking. This Dynamic Ad also includes listings that may be slightly pricier than what this user initially looked at. By showcasing more expensive rental units, FlipKey increases the chances of an upsell, and capturing even more advertising revenue.

Stitch Fix Adds Value

It’s not the end of the story once someone makes a purchase, downloads your game or signs up for your subscription service. Your competitors are constantly trying to win back your customers, so keeping them engaged and active is priority number one. You can use ad retargeting to remind users of where they left off in your game, alert them to flash sales or inform them about new offerings.

Stitch Fix Instagram Link - Retargeting Strategies

Stitch Fix, a personal styling subscription service, keeps its current customers engaged by promoting this Instagram link ad announcing the arrival of shoes. Rather than simply communicating the news, Stitch Fix opts for a solid call to action: “Update your Style Profile.” In addition, the ad gives users a stylish preview of the shoes that they may receive in the mail if they follow the instructions in the copy.

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