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What Do US Marketers Need To Know About Advertising In EMEA?

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Social advertising in EMEA (Europe and the Middle East) presents a great opportunity for US businesses to drive massive revenue growth. However, advertisers need to understand the region before they target campaigns to audiences in EMEA. To provide more insight into the landscape, we asked our Strategic Client Director for EMEA, Daniel Fernandes, to answer these questions:

EMEA 1 - EMEA Advertising1. What do US-based advertisers need to know about social media marketing in EMEA?

EMEA is a huge region. Europe alone is as large as the USA at 4m square miles, with double the population at 740m. It’s also fragmented, with 50 countries, 26 official languages, 28 currencies and timezone differences spanning 6 hours. In short, there is vast opportunity to scale US campaigns here, but doing so requires sensitivity to certain nuances.

Switzerland is a prime example: it alone contains regions with 3 different languages (Italian, French, German), so tailored copy is a must to effectively run in each.

Mobile Operating System preferences is another area of concern; Germany and France have up to 2x more Android users than iOS, which may affect reach and how mobile budgets are typically split compared to the US — where the ratio is closer to 1:1.

Perhaps most important to note is the cost disparity between markets. You’ll find the Nordics amongst the most expensive globally with CPMs of $6+, followed by tier 1 territories (Germany, France, UK), whilst at the lower end you’ll find Spain, Italy, the Middle East and Turkey, where CPMs can be closer to what you might find in LATAM or APAC; around $2. Depending on your business, each market could have a value to explore regardless — but you cannot use a unilateral bidding strategy.

EMEA 2 - EMEA Advertising2. Why should advertisers factor EMEA into their global campaign strategies?

EMEA is highly connected, with strong Internet and mobile penetration across Europe and the CIS region, and an engaged, growing Social Media user base. In Q2 2016, EMEA had 338 million monthly active users (MAUs) on Facebook – 50% more than the US with double the growth rate YoY at 8%.

Similarities with the US also present quick wins. Expanding to some markets such as Japan and Korea for instance requires apps to be highly localised; whereas, existing US app features and creative strategies tend to resonate with EMEA users. For example: In the UK, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have also become key e-commerce dates. The Nanigans platform has evolved to enable easy iteration of common targeting and creative features between markets and cross-channel (including Facebook,Twitter and Mobile RTB) whilst layering in the necessary differences.

Lastly, consumers in EMEA’s tier 1 markets are affluent (GDP per capita is over $37k), heavy mobile users (spending up to 3 hours a day on their smartphones), with a high propensity to purchase on mobile. According to a recent Facebook report, UK consumers spend 1.5x more in-app on e-commerce than on desktop devices. When you factor in that the gaming vertical has a 61% payer-to-player ratio, this combination offers profitable expansion for almost any business.

EMEA 3 - EMEA Advertising3. What digital marketing trends have you been seeing in EMEA, particularly in eCommerce?

It’s not a new trend, but as the proliferation of social and messaging apps continues to grow, so does video adoption in EMEA. What’s even more interesting is that we’re seeing video work increasingly for Direct Response with some of our largest gaming clients spending as much as 70% of their budgets on video mobile app install ads as well as mixed media carousel ads (featuring both image and video) due to their backing out with strong downstream value and ROI. We expect to see this trend gather further momentum, fueled by releases like Instagram Stories, video based ad types, and the optimisation tools that will undoubtedly follow.

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