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4 Direct Response Advertisers Driving ROI With Instagram’s New CTA Buttons

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Direct response advertisers have been seeing great results with Instagram’s new call-to-action (CTA) button. The new CTA format is a full-width button that appears directly below an ad, with text aligned to the left-hand side where Instagram users are already accustomed to taking actions such as likes or comments.

Instagram-Ad-CTA-Button - Instagram CTA Examples

Since the introduction of this new CTA design, direct response advertisers using Nanigans have seen significantly higher performance.

Instagram CTA stats - Instagram CTA examples How have Instagram advertisers adapted their ads to drive up ROI following the CTA modification? Here are four examples:

1. Amazon Places Info In A Prime Location

Instagram ads are laid out with images and video immediately on top and copy providing more information on the bottom. In between the two is the call to action button. Your mission is to direct eyeballs downward to your CTA and to the copy that will prompt a conversion. Placing overlay text at the bottom of your visuals is one easy way to spur this desired user behavior.

Amazon Instagram Video Ad - Instagram CTA Examples

Above, Amazon uses a video ad unit to share upcoming content on Prime Video. When introducing the lineup, Amazon wisely lets images of each movie or show dominate the top part of the ad while displaying the title at the bottom. When viewers spot a movie or show that they’re interested in, they can easily click the “Watch More” CTA button to go off-site.

2. CVS Emphasizes Deals To Drive Clicks

Shoppers are driven by deals. In fact, one survey found that nearly a quarter of respondents said they would do pretty much anything for 40% or more in savings. Because discounts are so central to motivating audiences to buy your products, deals need to be front-and-center in your ads. Creating a sense of urgency by emphasizing limited-time or exclusive promotions is also a motivating factor in getting people to click.

CVS Instagram Carousel Ad - Instagram CTA examples

CVS Pharmacy‘s Instagram ad creatively links every picture in the carousel into one extended image, prompting users to swipe left to get the complete picture. The ad is also dominated by a buy one, get one 50% off deal for each product displayed. This strategy gives viewers a clear incentive to click the CTA button and make a purchase, driving sales and revenue for CVS.

3. Under Armour’s CTA Goes With The Flow

When crafting ads for a visual site like Instagram, be sure to consider where viewers will be looking and what will attract their attention. If your goal is to have them click your CTA button, visual guides will help lead them there. Because the text of Instagram’s new CTA button appears next to the lower left-hand corner of your ad, including an eye-catching element in that area will draw viewers’ eyes down the the button and provide them with a next step to take after they see your ad.

Under Armour Instagram Link Ad - Instagram CTA examples

As you can see, Under Armour‘s Instagram link ad immediately draws viewers to the left side of the image, where the sportswear brand prominently displays a new shoe design. Under Armour places a slogan right above the”Shop Now” CTA button, making the CTA a natural extension of the ad as viewers continue to read downward (with the word “below” as a clever cue).

4. Hopper Makes It Easy To Jump Right To The Install

One of the many benefits of Instagram’s mobile app install ads is that they allow audiences to go from viewing an ad for your app to actually using your app in just a few clicks. Because users can take immediate action from clicking the CTA button in this ad unit, it’s helpful to provide them with all the information they need in order to complete the download. Be sure to showcase things like the purpose and benefits of your app, the user interface, and whether or not your app will work on their device.

Hopper Instagram Video MAI - Instagram CTA examples

Here, Hopper uses an Instagram video ad to give audiences a complete tour of its airfare prediction app. The video succinctly explains how Hopper works, what the user experience is like, and why installing the app is a savvy move. The video answers basic questions and leaves little mystery, making viewers more certain about clicking the “Install Now”CTA button.

Study: New Instagram Ad CTA Buttons

We compared Instagram ad metrics from the months before and after the new CTA design went into effect. Check out the results.

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