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Life After Facebook Exchange: Migrating To Dynamic Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Advertisers currently using Facebook Exchange (FBX) will need to find an alternative come November 1st. That’s when Facebook will be shutting down the desktop retargeting tool in order to shift focus to its mobile-first advertising products.

If FBX is currently incorporated into your advertising campaign strategy, there’s no need to panic. Here’s why Dynamic Ads are a worthy replacement:

What Are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads are a scalable retargeting solution from Facebook and Instagram. With Dynamic Ads, you can automatically show customized promotions to individual users based on their desktop or mobile browsing behavior to increase the likelihood that they will complete a specific action. This automated approach to retargeting helps advertisers avoid leaving revenue on the table by intelligently promoting the most relevant aspects of their products and services to customers on any device.

Dynamic Ads retargeting

What Are Dynamic Ads Used For?

  • Reaching people with ads on any device that they use, regardless of their original touchpoint with your business
  • Highlighting additional items and services that are similar to the products the customer was browsing
  • Increasing average order value by cross-selling products that pair well with the products the customer was browsing
  • Encouraging customer loyalty and continued engagement with your products

Who’s Using Dynamic Ads?

Since the beginning of last year, ecommerce, travel, and other direct response-focused advertisers have embraced Dynamic Ads as a way to ensure campaigns are always promoting in-stock products. Just between Q3 and Q4 of 2015, usage of Dynamic Ads amongst Nanigans advertisers jumped 210%.

Here’s an example of a Nanigans customer who rapidly adopted Dynamic Ads and saw a rapid increase in revenue as a result.

Online fashion retailer Pomelo wanted to engage with previous customers and boost loyalty, as well as remind shoppers about products they’d been considering. Their 4-month Dynamic Ad campaign delivered impressive returns, including:


higher return on ad spend


increase in conversions


lower cost per acquisition

Another large retailer with a hugely successful traditional catalog business found new opportunities for greater ROI among its evolving customer base.

Thanks to Dynamic Ads, this retailer increased mobile purchase rates 44%, boosted CTRs across desktop and mobile 240%, and ramped up advertising scale on Dynamic Ads 663% in seven days.

Ready to make the switch from FBX? This eBook will help you get started:

Free Guide: Driving ROI with Dynamic Ads

Don’t leave revenue on the table. Learn how to intelligently promote the most relevant products from your catalog to customers on any device.
Get the Dynamic Ad Guide

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