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5 Stellar Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads From Mail Subscription Services

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Need toys for your dog, snacks for your office, or new clothes for your job interview? You can get all these things and more delivered straight to your door.

Mail subscription services are all the rage these days, and nowhere is that more apparent than on social media. Advertisers for these services are using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote the benefits of their products and reach a large audience of new customers. Here’s how several subscription services brands are acing user acquisition through clever advertising campaigns:

1. Graze Gets Graphic

When users scroll through their social media newsfeeds, it’s the visuals, not the text, that will make them stop and notice your ad. Beyond the featured image, social sites like Twitter let advertisers harness the graphic power of emojis within the ad copy. Emojis aren’t just a mobile-friendly way to attract eyeballs to your ad; they also make your copy pop and convey your brand in a concise, easy-to-understand way.

Graze Twitter Photo ad - Subscription Services Ads

Graze‘s Twitter ad uses emojis to drive home the features of its healthy snack service, bringing attention to benefits like a free snack box and $1 shipping — in addition to illustrating some of the healthy foods that it delivers to customers. The featured image in the ad backs all this up by highlighting the healthy snacks and smart packaging that new customers will receive from Graze if they sign up.

2. BarkBox Gives The People What They Want

Social ads generally appear on newsfeeds surrounded by organic content that is educational, entertaining, and up to the minute. Exploring what kind of content is currently popular on social (especially among your target audience) and incorporating those elements into your ad will help you attract new customers.

Cute pet pictures and videos are a hit on all social networks, which fits in nicely with BarkBox‘s pet toy and treat subscription service. BarkBox harnesses the popularity of these videos by including videos and images of happy pets receiving their boxes in its Facebook Video Carousel ad. This ad entertains while illustrating the benefit of the mail subscription service – ecstatic and excited pets!

3. Book Of The Month Club Stays Trendy

A monthly subscription service can sometimes seem like a long-term commitment to social media audiences. Aside from easing hesitation with reassuring language like “cancel anytime!”, advertisers who can make it entirely clear what kind of products new customers can expect will get them excited instead of wondering if the service is worth the commitment.

Book of The Month Club Instagram Carousel Ad - Subscription Services Ads

In this Instagram Carousel ad, Book of the Month Club is upfront about the sorts of books users receive when they subscribe to the service. By listing popular modern novels, Book of the Month Club can attract viewers with titles they may have heard about and had an interest in reading. Including an enticing promo code within the ad copy also helps drive Instagram users to click on the ad and sign up.

4. Dollar Shave Club Tailors Its Messaging

Because relevance is one of the biggest factors in whether someone converts on an ad, targeting is an extremely important component in the success of any given digital advertising campaign. Your ads will get much more ROI if they’re tailored to the specific needs and interests of individual groups rather than trying to please every type of person at once.

Dollar Shave Club Facebook Ads - Subscription Services Ads

Above, Dollar Shave Club has crafted two different ads — one with mass appeal, and one specifically targeted towards women. Each ad communicates the value of the mail subscription service in a voice that can be understood and appreciated, but the one on the left is more likely to get a response from its intended audience due to higher relevance.

5. Le Tote Gets To The Point

You can’t beat around the bush on social media. Social posts consist of short, snackable content, so your ads need to get to the point and demonstrate value immediately or risk losing the attention of viewers. Even more important is making your call-to-action (CTA) obvious so viewers know what the next step is in the conversion process. This reduces the risk of users dropping off in the conversion funnel and helps companies acquire more customers.

Le Tote Twitter MAI - Subscription Services Ads

Twitter’s 140-character limit forces users to post concise, t0-the-point tweets. Le Tote‘s mobile app install ad fits right in with the nature of the social site by communicating the benefits of the monthly fashion service in a few short sentences. Even more importantly, the ad drives straight toward Le Tote’s conversion goals with a CTA button that allows users to install the app in just a few clicks. Because Twitter users can take immediate action, Le Tote can swiftly turn ad viewers into loyal, long-term customers.

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