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2016 Holiday Ecommerce Facebook Advertising Preview [SlideShare]

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

What does this holiday season hold for retail advertisers? If Q4 2016 is anything like last year, it will be a profitable quarter for businesses — with record-breaking sales potential for forward-thinking Facebook advertisers.

To help ecommerce advertisers capture high-value customers during the most competitive time of year, we’re sharing the purchase and ROAS trends that Nanigans advertisers experienced last holiday season, as well as takeaways to apply in Q4 2016.

“RetailCheck Out The Online Retailer’s Creative Playbook for Profit-Driven Holiday Advertising

This guide features creative tips and examples from real-world ecommerce advertisers accelerating customer growth and sales on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Get ready for record-breaking online sales

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