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4 Critical Tactics That Helped Facebook Advertisers Achieve Growth In Q3 2016

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Q3 2016 was an outstanding quarter for Facebook advertisers. The top 20 ecommerce and mobile game advertisers using Nanigans ad automation software continued to see higher returns on ad spend at scale.

Here are the four advertising tools and strategies that helped them achieve these impressive results.

1. Increase Ad Spend As ROI Rises

Nanigans software has helped direct response marketers generate revenue from their advertising campaigns, prompting increased investment in Facebook advertising budgets.

For the 20 highest-spending ecommerce and mobile game advertisers using Nanigans over the past year, return on ad spend (ROAS) rose, spurring those same advertisers to increase quarterly budgets over the same time frame.

Ad spend - q3 2016 benchmark tactics


Advertiser Takeaway

Digital marketing is all about striking while the iron is hot and the online marketplace is favorable. If you’re seeing a good return on investment with your Facebook ads, it’s time double down (thoughtfully). Scaling your ad budget efficiently means ensuring that your increased ad spend won’t go to waste. To keep ROI steady, try expanding ad reach to users similar to your best customers with Lookalike Audiences. Or, employ Stop Loss to keep your ads meeting or exceeding your performance goals.

2. Drive More Clicks With Facebook’s Audience Network

In Q2 2016, Facebook announced the expansion of Audience Network to include non-Facebook users. Along with more video ad inventory than ever, Facebook has dramatically increased the impact of Audience Network for performance marketers.

Prior to these changes, the 56% of Nanigans customers that advertise on Audience Network were driving CTRs that typically surpassed native Facebook placements.

In Q3 2016, 59% of Nanigans’ advertiser base activated Audience Network, and the performance results were significant. Among advertisers spending on Audience Network through Q2 and Q3 2016, the share of spend going to the off-Facebook ad network rose quarter-over-quarter. Additionally, those placements performed better than they had the previous quarter, with Audience Network CTRs rising over the same timeframe and driving the overall CTR of these advertisers to increase as well.

Audience network - q3 2016 benchmark tactics


Advertiser Takeaway

Before running your ads on Facebook’s Audience Network, make sure you’re iterating on ads that are proven drivers of revenue. Running a creative test is an easy way to make sure that you’re putting your money behind the best possible ads in your arsenal.

3. Embrace Dynamic Ads

Online retailers using Nanigans continue to invest more budget into Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, with ad spend increasing significantly between Q2 and Q3 2016. Dynamic Ads can be highly effective at driving new purchases, promoting upsells, and growing average order value. Adoption is likely to continue accelerating among ecommerce advertisers during the critical Q4 holiday shopping season.

ecomm dynamic ad spend - q3 2016 benchmark tactics


Advertiser Takeaway

Dynamic Ads are a critical tool for driving leads, downloads, sales and revenue for all types of mobile and desktop advertisers. Even industries like travel, education and finance can benefit from this powerful retargeting solution. Use Dynamic Ads to remind users of products or services they may have browsed on your website. Or, if a Facebook user has already made a purchase on your site, use Dynamic Ads to cross-sell complementary products. You can even use Dynamic Ads to increase purchase frequency with your top users, retaining those audiences while increasing their lifetime value (LTV).

4. Choose Video

Thanks to continuous growth over the past year, video ads now constitute more than 50% of Nanigans gaming advertisers’ mobile ad spend. Video’s share of mobile spend is up 20% from the prior quarter, and up a whopping 101% from Q3 2015.

Video ads have proven to be particularly effective at capturing high-value mobile game users, and the average cost-per-install has generally trended downward. However, top-line CPMs for video consistently run higher than image-based mobile app install units.

gaming video ads  - q3 2016 benchmark tactics


Advertiser Takeaway

Before including videos in your ad campaigns, make sure they follow  creative best practices for getting attention and generating conversions. Try in-video CTAs, craft an appealing video thumbnail, and feature compelling content within the first three seconds of your video so you can immediately hook viewers. The more visually focused your ads are, the more important creative testing becomes – so don’t forget to compare ad performance and optimize on the components that deliver the best results.

Q3 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

See even more Facebook advertising benchmarks from Q3 2016, including CTR, CPM and CPC trends by vertical and geographic market.

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