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Mobile Game Advertising Benchmarks: A Cheat Sheet for Winning the Holidays on Facebook [Report]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Which gifts often top the holiday wish lists of today’s modern consumers? New smartphones and tablets.

With so many new devices being unwrapped during the holiday season, there’s a massive growth opportunity for mobile developers in one of the world’s most popular app categories: games.

Throughout the year, the largest and most successful mobile game developers rely on Facebook advertising as a critical engine of business growth. But during the holidays, retailers tend to dominate the Facebook marketplace, driving up competition and driving away many performance-oriented game advertisers.

Despite the competition, profit-driven game advertisers shouldn’t shy away from Facebook during the holidays. This report features the latest holiday advertising trends game marketers need to know to make smarter decisions and find the most valuable new users among all those new smartphone and tablet owners.

What’s in the Report

  • Install and in-app purchase trends
  • Ad spending shifts
  • Ad engagement benchmarks
  • Marketplace pricing

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Mobile Game Advertising Benchmarks: A Cheat Sheet For Winning the Holidays on Facebook

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