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Attribution Update: 39% of View-Through Installs Come in First Hour

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

In late September, Facebook introduced view-through attribution for app install advertisers, with the aim of improving app ad attribution beyond  ad clicks that occur instantly. Soon after Nanigans began cataloguing this previously unavailable data, allowing customers to examine and incorporate it into their advertising campaign management strategies.

With the aim of determining the frequency of view-through app activity, we examined install activity driven by all Mobile App Install-type ads across Nanigans’ advertiser base, separating out installs referred by a click versus those referred solely by an ad view. The study data reflects advertiser activity across a two-week period, running from October 5 through October 19, 2016.

Not surprisingly, while the frequency of these “view only” installs did vary from advertiser to advertiser, we found that, in aggregate, these actions represent roughly 4% of all same-day, Facebook-referred installs.

App installs on Facebook - View-through vs. click-through attribution

But how quickly did it take these “view-only” users to actually go and download an app they’d seen view a MAI ad? For that, we analyzed the timestamps of both the ad view and corresponding download on a same-user basis, aggregating across each advertiser in the sample.

The results reveal that if a user doesn’t click, but plans to install the app, they tend to do so quickly. A full 39% of “view-only” installs come less than 1 hour after seeing an ad on Facebook, dropping precipitously to 9%, 6%, and 4% in the ensuing three hours.

Facebook view-through app installs, by hour

While we’re talking about a relatively small piece of total installs, monitoring “view-only” installs will help you optimize ad effectiveness. In addition, advertisers may find value in forming new custom audiences by combining this data with characteristics including estimated user lifetime value (LTV), and retargeting those users appropriately.

If you’re a Nanigans customer and want to begin monitoring “view-only” installs, check out the Conversion Wizard Screen. After selecting ‘Install’ as your conversion event, click on ‘Impression’ in the subsequent Rules drop-down menu.

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