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The Procrastinator’s Resource Guide To Holiday Season Social Advertising

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Holiday retail ecommerce sales will jump to $94.71 billion, representing 10.7% of total holiday retail sales—the largest portion ever. – eMarketer

If you don’t have your holiday advertising campaigns in place yet, it’s not too late to start planning — and there’s plenty of reason to take action. Clearly, ecommerce marketers can’t afford to miss out on the holiday shopping season this year. To help you jump-start your last-minute campaigns, use the free resources below.

The Holiday Advertising Numbers You Need To Succeed

The Q4 retail advertising scene is entirely different from previous quarters. While this highly competitive time of year presents significant challenges, it also presents a massive opportunity for business growth and marketing revenue. Here’s how you can seize the holidays:

snowman - procrastinator's guide to Holiday advertising

  • Our 2016 Holiday Ecommerce Facebook Advertising Preview can help you figure out your Q4 ad strategy by providing insights into holiday ROI, shopper purchase behavior trends, and the shifting cost of driving purchases.
  • Retail isn’t the only industry that experiences a very different Q4. Many new mobile devices are gifted during the holidays, which means the time is ripe for mobile game advertisers to acquire new installs and users. Our Mobile Game Advertising Benchmarks Cheat Sheet can help you make the most of this user acquisition windfall.
  • Analyzing performance metrics from years past can also help you figure out what to expect this year. It’s easier to determine the best strategies for capturing the most revenue on the most popular shopping days of the year when you have purchase trends from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2015 at your fingertips.
  • Similarly, taking a look back at advertising data from the 2015 holiday shopping season can give you a good idea of which trends will continue to be a factor this year and beyond.

The Strategies That Will Drive Revenue The Whole Holiday Season

How should you adjust your campaigns to optimize for the trends mentioned in the reports above?

  • These four data-backed strategies will help you determine when to run gift - procrastinator's guide to Holiday advertisingads, how much to bid for them and which devices to target.
  • This episode of The Playbook explains how all online marketers – including mobile game and lead generation advertisers – can capture the most revenue during Q4. After watching it, make sure you’re fully prepared for the holiday season by running through this checklist of suggestions from the video.
  • Exploring the strategies that top advertisers use in their holiday campaigns can also help you discover new ways to drive revenue. For example, this case study shares how online retailer Adore Me reached 1,500 new customers in five days during the most competitive time of the holiday shopping season.
  • Following the three easy strategies in this blog post will help boost the effectiveness of your holiday ad campaigns on social.
  • You can also learn how retail advertisers are sprucing up their ad creative in order to stand out on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Even the most successful ad creative needs to change, which is why it’s important to learn how advertisers are shaking up their campaigns and gaining more clicks with refreshed holiday ad creative.

Delivering ROI: 4 Ecommerce Advertising Success Stories

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