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Mobile Game Advertising Benchmarks: A Cheatsheet For Winning The Holidays [SlideShare]

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

New smartphones and tablets are at the top of many gift lists this holiday season. With so many new devices being unwrapped in just a few weeks, there’s a massive growth opportunity for mobile developers in one of the world’s most popular app categories: games.

Throughout the year, the largest and most successful game developers rely on Facebook advertising as a critical engine of business growth. But during Q4, retailers tend to dominate the Facebook marketplace, driving up competition and driving away many performance-oriented game advertisers.

This increased competition doesn’t mean that mobile game advertisers should avoid Facebook altogether during the holiday season. Savvy advertising strategies can help you turn Q4 into one of the most profitable quarters of the year. To learn which trends will impact holiday game advertising (and which strategies will help you make the most of this competitive landscape) scroll through the SlideShare below.

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