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Why Mobile Advertisers Can’t Overlook the Power of Facebook’s Audience Network

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Facebook’s Audience Network is better than ever. While the Audience Network initially enabled advertisers to extend their Facebook campaigns to valuable in-app mobile ad inventory, it now opens campaigns to a world of mobile web publishers as well.

Marketers who want to unlock scale and performance for direct response advertising on mobile need to explore Facebook Audience Network and all that it can do.

What is the Facebook Audience Network?Facebook Audience Network

Audience Network is an extension of Facebook’s vast advertising ecosystem. It enables advertisers looking for greater reach and campaign scale to amplify their Facebook campaigns, bringing them beyond Facebook itself and into the mobile apps and websites their customers use most.

Using the same powerful targeting and measurement capabilities they rely on to increase ROI on Facebook, advertisers can reach valuable new audiences on mobile with little to no extra effort required. Audience Network leverages the same creative elements that comprise ads on Facebook to build banner, interstitial, and native ads that can be served across devices, apps, and mobile websites.

Why Facebook Audience Network?

The growing influence of mobile is undeniable, and Facebook’s Audience Network serves to give advertisers an opportunity to capitalize on mobile consumer behavior. A study from Facebook and IHS Inc. found that media buyers will spend $84.5 billion on mobile advertising by 2020, with mobile accounting for 75.9% of all digital ad spend globally. Native in-stream ads will drive 63.2% of all mobile display advertising at $53 billion by 2020.

3rd party in-app native - FBX FAN alternative

According to Facebook, the Audience Network is one of the largest ad networks in the world. Facebook says that mobile apps running on the Audience Network represent 6% of all time spent in mobile apps, which it says gives advertisers a valuable opportunity to connect with people off Facebook in the apps where they’re spending their time.

How Facebook Audience Network Helps Improve ROI

Mobile app install advertisers using Nanigans software are seeing impressive results with Audience Network. A study of Nanigans’ top mobile app advertisers showed increasing adoption of Audience Network corresponding with significant performance gains, including a 26% increase in app install volume, with cost-per-install (CPI) similar to those of native Facebook campaigns.

FAN study results - FBX FAN alternative Compared to mobile app install campaigns run only on Facebook native inventory, the Audience Network delivered higher returns at lower costs:


higher CTR


lower CPM


lower CPI


boost in installs

This growth in user acquisition outside of Facebook is particularly valuable for advertisers focused on rapidly scaling growth. Facebook Audience Network provides an opportunity to reach a wider audience of users through the apps and websites they are already engaging with on mobile.

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