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Practical Tips for Scaling Your Top Ad Creative Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

When a specific ad creative strategy is delivering results, why reinvent the wheel? It pays to replicate what works. One particular image, video, or ad copy message can take on new life when you repurpose it using different ad types or additional channels.

Many of the top direct response advertisers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter take the results of strategic creative testing and apply their learnings across different campaigns and advertising channels to scale their success. What are some ways you can adopt this strategy to more efficiently scale your campaigns? Here are a few real world examples to get you started.

The Bouqs plants its best creative in different ad units

Smart direct response advertisers know the value of measuring, optimizing, and scaling ad creative strategies that deliver the highest downstream returns — whether that’s greater purchase rates, higher order values, or increased customer lifetime value.

The Bouqs Facebook Carousel Ad - Repurposing Ad Creative

In the Facebook carousel ad above, The Bouqs follows creative best practices by featuring vibrant product imagery that fits right in with the special Easter deals the ad promotes. But even after the holiday ends, these images can be repurposed and used to drive sales.

The Bouqs FB Mobile Link - Repurposing Ad Creative

The Bouqs takes one of the most colorful images from its carousel ad and replicates the creative concept in a single-image link ad on Facebook. This tactic works because the imagery remains relevant year round, providing The Bouqs with an easy way to drive additional sales with proven ad creative.

Two Dots unifies two ads with one creative element

The mobile game Two Dots introduces viewers to its challenges through the colorful and fun Facebook video ad below. The video showcases the game’s design, levels, and characters. Most importantly, it offers a glimpse of different levels and gameplay to give prospective new users a taste of the experience they’ll get after clicking through to the app store ad installing the game.

Two Dots replicates this idea in its Twitter ad below. Twitter’s mobile app card enables new users to easily install games and apps, so quickly conveying the game’s appeal is vital for increasing conversions. This ad showcases what Two Dots is all about and gives viewers a preview of gameplay by using an image in the same creative style as the video in Two Dots’ Facebook ad. Through repurposing similar creative elements in ads on multiple channels, Two Dots can more efficiently win new users by previewing its game using a tailored, yet unified strategy.

Two Dots Twitter MAI - Repurposing Ad Creative

ClassPass reaches new audiences with the same creative on both Facebook and Instagram

One of the many benefits of Facebook and Instagram advertising is that ad campaign targeting can easily be expanded across both channels. Advertisers that find a particular ad performs well on Facebook, for example, can instantly expand their audience by running that same ad on Instagram. This tactic can go far in increasing the impact of successful ad creative.

ClassPass FB Link Ad - repurposed ad creative
ClassPass‘ Facebook ad above conveys a clear and compelling offer to new customers through the use of a bold and eye-catching image. The ad’s bright colors instantly stand out, and the front-and-center location of ClassPass’s limited time discount makes converting on the ad easy and intuitive.

ClassPass Instagram Link - Repurposed Ad Creative

ClassPass took this high impact ad and introduced it to a whole new audience on Instagram. This ad also works well on Instagram because it features interesting and high-quality visual elements that play well in Instagram’s entirely mobile experience. This ad fits in with Instagram’s natural organic content, presenting a perfect opportunity to leverage across channels.

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

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