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3 Ways to Capture More Revenue with Facebook Custom Audiences from Your Website

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

When it comes to capturing more revenue from your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, Custom Audiences from your website can be a powerful tool. By intelligently targeting people who have previously engaged with your website, you can improve ROI among an audience that’s already acquainted with your brand and primed to take action.

So how can you use the power of Custom Audiences from your website to scale returns, especially in the busy holiday advertising season? These four strategies are a great way to get started.

1. Bring back shopping cart abandoners

Just because a would-be customer has added products to their shopping cart on your website doesn’t guarantee they’ll follow through to complete a purchase. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for retail website visitors to navigate away before they can actually buy the products they were browsing. Custom Audiences from your website can help retarget shoppers with tailored ads to remind them of their forgotten cart, encouraging them to come back and finish the checkout process.

When targeting Custom Audiences of shopping cart abandoners, try using ad copy that clearly references their actions on your website, like “Forget something?” or “Don’t leave this item behind!” You may even consider offering an incentive to increase purchase rates. Offering an exclusive discount on the products they viewed or promoting free shipping options can be smart tactics to help close the deal.

2. Reengage dormant customers

Customer lifetime value is one of the most important metrics for profit-driven advertisers. Building Custom Audiences of past purchasers who haven’t engaged with your website for a specific amount of time can be an easy and effective way to reactivate your existing customer base — growing their lifetime value as a result.

For example, consider setting up a Custom Audience of people who have made a purchase within the past six months, but haven’t browsed your website within the past month. This audience may be especially receptive to ads promoting sales, giving them a compelling reason to take action on your ad.

3. Find more customers like your best customers

Every business has a set of top tier customers who contribute the most to the bottom line. How can you find more customers like the top 10%?

Try creating a Custom Audience of customers with average order values that fall well above the norm. Or build a Custom Audience of users with outstanding purchase habits who visit your website an average of three times or more per month. To find more customers like these top purchasers, target a Lookalike Audience based off of this group. A Lookalike Audience allows you to reach people who are more likely to become high-value new customers because they have demonstrated interests and online behavior similar to your known best users.

Custom Audiences from your website are undeniably effective for increasing sales on Facebook and Instagram. But they’re also just one tool in the advertiser’s toolkit. For more advanced strategies on maximizing revenue at scale, download our Dynamic Ad guide below.

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