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How 4 Top Retailers Are Keeping Holiday Ad Creative Fresh on Social Media

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Your holiday ad campaigns may be in full swing across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but the work of a profit-driven advertiser is never done.

During the competitive holiday advertising season, it’s important to keep things fresh, or you’ll risk leaving lucrative end-of-year revenue on the table. With so much competition in the ad marketplace, refreshing ads is especially important over the holidays. After you employ creative testing to identify which elements of your ads are driving the most profitable sales, you can keep those strategies working for your bottom line with new complementary iterations.

How are leading retailers putting a new spin on their successful holiday ads? Here’s a look at four different strategies to consider as you scale your own campaigns through the holidays.

Note: The brands featured in this post are meant to serve as compelling examples, and companies aren’t necessarily Nanigans customers.

Loft unifies ads with a common theme

Consistency can be important for your brand image, but promoting the exact same ad continuously on social media will likely lead to ad fatigue and lackluster ROI.

With some strategic planning, Loft developed a clever creative strategy that allows them to promote a wide range of products while adhering to a consistent holiday theme. Over time, these ads will be instantly recognizable to Loft shoppers, but they may feature a different product each time they appear in the Facebook News Feed.

Loft Holiday Facebook ads - Holiday refreshed ads

Fossil scales success across platforms

Cross-channel advertising on Facebook and Instagram is easier than ever thanks to targeting and ad units that can seamlessly translate to either platform. This interoperability provides advertisers with a tremendous opportunity to reach entirely new audiences or engage current customers in an exciting new context.

Fossil FB Carousel- Holiday refreshed ads

Fossil‘s Facebook carousel ad features artfully arranged products with strong visual appeal. While the retailer could have easily extended the same carousel ad to reach audiences on Instagram too, Fossil instead refreshed the concept with the video ad below.

The Instagram ad reuses many of the same creative elements — simple product arrangements on brightly colored backgrounds — but Fossil does so with a twist: leveraging video. Using the same creative concept, but different mediums on Facebook and Instagram, enables Fossil to get more mileage out of a single holiday campaign.

Fossil Instagram Video- Holiday refreshed ads

Amazon experiments with deal promotions

Testing different ad strategies is always important, regardless of the season. But during the holidays, trying multiple approaches to attract different shoppers can be the key to generating more sales.

Amazon Twitter Ads- Holiday refreshed ads

Amazon isn’t afraid to try out various ways of highlighting its vast catalog of deals via Twitter ads. The company experiments with different approaches for driving sales, including promoting product discovery features and highlighting limited time deals. Both Twitter ads feature a similar simple and bold aesthetic, but each approaches selling in a fresh way.

Burberry extends one compelling Facebook ad into another

While Fossil’s ads showed the potential of adopting an ad concept from one channel to another, there’s also ample opportunity to breathe new life into a campaign while sticking with the channel that performs best.

Burberry FB Carousel Ad- Holiday refreshed ads

Burberry creates a highly engaging carousel ad on aFacebook by using clever product photography to link multiple ad panes together. The result is an ad that boldly encourages engagement. This approach shows off the details and pattern choices of Burberry’s products while also promoting personalized monogram options.

Burberry FB Canvas Ad- Holiday refreshed ads

The company takes this beautiful creative concept up a level with the Facebook canvas ad above. Canvas ads are a mobile-first experience that provide a full-screen, immersive environment to tell a brand’s story through interactive photography, video, and text. Building on the themes from the carousel ad, this canvas ad presents Burberry’s products in a familiar but entirely new and engaging way.

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