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How to Scale Lead Generation with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads [Free Guide]

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Are you maximizing the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads for lead generation?

In a survey of marketers worldwide, 58% reported that increasing lead generation was their most important digital marketing strategy goal. The next highest priority? Increasing conversion rates.

Attracting more of the right customers is clearly a challenge for all marketers. However, for those managing large-scale lead generation campaigns, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be a highly effective solution.

Each of the three platforms offers advertisers a powerful tool set for not only generating more leads, but for finding the best leads.

Deep user demographic and behavioral insights allow for precise targeting of only those users who are the most likely to convert on a lead offer. And tailor-made ad products—like Facebook’s lead ads—can help streamline the lead form submission flow, enabling you to capture customer intent faster and more effectively.

To help data-driven lead generation advertisers maximize ROI on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, this guide features expert insights and best practices for campaigns that deliver results.

What’s inside the guide

  • Creative best practices for increasing high-value conversions
  • A closer look at Facebook lead ads
  • The story of how one advertiser grew average lead value at scale on Twitter

Download the Free Guide

How to Scale Lead Generation with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads

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