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Creative Tips to Help Mobile Game Advertisers Win the Holiday Season

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

With millions of people unwrapping new mobile devices during the holiday season, the time is ripe for mobile game marketers to get their game downloaded by valuable new users.

While marketplace competition among game advertisers may be high during this time of year, a data-driven approach supported by powerful ad creative can result in impressive ROI to finish the year strong. These creative best practices will help you craft compelling ad creative that not only catches the attention of new smartphone and tablet owners, but also inspires them to become some of your most valuable new customers.

Note: The brands featured in this post are meant to serve as compelling examples, and companies aren’t necessarily Nanigans customers.

1. Engage audiences with creative that captivates

Whether it’s through humor, fun characters, or an enticing call-to-action (CTA), it’s critical to immediately engage potential new users with your ad creative.

To drive higher ad engagement, try testing different direct instructions or questions within your images.

2. Create urgency with a strong CTA

Convey a need for immediate action to inspire your target audience to act on your ad sooner rather than later. Use colorful, contrasting call-to-action buttons that highlight value and outline a clear next step for converting on your ad. CTAs in the lower right corner often perform well, but be sure to test all options.

Don’t forget to experiment with different CTAs – between those in your image or video creative and those offered by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as part of the ad unit itself.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 2.38.16 PM

3. Borrow the holiday spirit

Capitalize on the bright colors and excitement of the holiday season. In both image and video creative, consider using holiday themes and emphasizing the positive outcomes players can achieve in your game.

To accompany this holiday theme, try putting a seasonal spin on in-game rewards and incentives.

4. Use your brand to your advantage

Prominent logos and branding can be a powerful driver of game downloads, especially when retargeting potential users who may already be familiar with your brand.

Your ads will be more recognizable to audiences if you include your brand’s logo and colors.

5. Encourage click-throughs directly to app stores

Experiment with featuring the Google Play or App App Store badges in your image and video ads. These elements can make potential new users more confident in knowing exactly what will happen when they click on your ad, leading to higher-intent clicks.

Try out different sizes and placements options for app store badges in order to determine which is the most successful at generating clicks and installs.

6. Highlight the user experience with devices and screenshots

Take advantage of a surge in new smartphones during the holidays by trying out imagery featuring people playing your game on the latest mobile devices. When potential users can more quickly envision themselves playing your game, they may be more likely to convert on your app install ad.

7. Minimize text to help maximize conversions

When new smartphone owners are browsing Facebook, Instagram or Twitter this holiday season, bold ad creative visuals are a proven tactic for capturing their attention. Convey the excitement and appeal of your game with imagery or video – not text – whenever possible.

Ad creative comprised of more than 20% text may experience lower deliver on Facebook and Instagram, resulting in stifled reach and limited opportunity to acquire new high-value users. Images can speak louder than words, so make visuals the focus of your creative.

When using text, keep it short and focus on generating excitement. Using bold visuals can also help you instantly convey the spirit of your game.

8. Always be testing

Sometimes the smallest creative decisions can have a significant impact on app install campaign performance. Take a strategic approach to creative testing, swapping out background, creative concepts, and ad copy to determine what delivers the highest ROI.

Try iterating on composition, colors, fonts and copy to optimize returns.

The Mobile Game Marketer’s Creative Playbook for Profit-Driven Holiday Advertising

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