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How are Lead Generation Advertisers Succeeding with Facebook Video?

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

For lead generation advertisers, target markets are growing increasingly complex. Now more than ever, lead generation advertisers must have highly specific targeting criteria and need to be more cognizant of the cost of acquiring a customer. This cost sensitivity made these advertisers wary of trying out video ads on Facebook early on, with less than 1% of spend going to the format across the industry in 2015. However, the past year has seen more lead generation advertisers find success with the format, with video capturing an increasing percentage these companies’ Facebook ad spend.

Below are examples of how some of these advertisers are driving positive results using video on Facebook.

1. Testimonials

Especially for products or services with a more complicated value proposition, video testimonials that offer social proof of a company’s quality can be a powerful means to entice users to learn more.


Business financier Bond Street allows one of its satisfied customers take the spotlight in this Facebook video ad. The ad provides a real-world explanation of the value of Bond Street, encouraging viewers to click through the ad with an authentic review of the service.

Employing this strategy helped one Nanigans advertiser drive a click-to-subscription conversion rate 18% higher than similarly targeted image-based ads. This prompted the advertiser to spend slightly more than 50% of their Facebook budget on video ads over the past year.

2. Value-oriented text-focused videos

Text callouts that highlight the service’s value is a winning tactic. This strategy ensures that viewers understand why they need your company’s services, and makes it easy to convey your message even if a user is watching your video on silent.

Online college Strayer University uses on-screen callouts to highlight the message in its Facebook video ad. The brief use of text doesn’t just relate back to the story told in the video; it also motivates viewers to click through the ad with encouraging language like “possible starts now”.

For one Nanigans advertiser, video ads with text callouts drove action rates roughly 10% higher than similarly targeted carousel ads.

3. Reaction videos

For lead generation advertisers who are targeting more traditional consumers, reaction videos can inject some excitement into the creative, engaging more users.

Insurance company State Farm features a wide range of reactions in its Facebook video ad. Because it immediately kicks off with a burst of excitement from a teenager receiving a car, viewers are instantly drawn in by the video’s emotional energy.

When one Nanigans advertiser pushed out emotional video ads, the campaign drove subsequent lead-to-purchaser action rates that were more than 26% higher than similarly targeted image-based ads.

If you’re a lead generation advertiser who has not yet tested the effectiveness of video on Facebook – or perhaps hasn’t revisited the format in some time – these creative considerations should help frame your approach. While the production of these creative assets may be more intensive, the increasing level of success more lead generation advertisers are having with the format make it a worthwhile endeavor to test against in relation to conversion rates, CPLs, and other KPIs. 

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