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How Gilt Used Iteration On Ad Creative To Turn One Facebook Campaign Into Four

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein is meant to serve as a compelling example, and are not a Nanigans customer unless expressly noted. 

This article originally appeared on IBM’s THINK Marketing blog. 

Ad creative can be the gift that keeps on giving for digital marketers. Advertisers who think outside-the-box can always find new and innovative ways to iterate on a particular image or video if a creative test has proven that it resonates with audiences and helps drive revenue.

Luxury retailer Gilt recently found a way to take a piece of creative and scale its success across multiple Facebook ad units, switching up the copy along the way. Here’s how the company turned one winning ad campaign into four eye-catching and revenue-driving Facebook placements.

Video Ad

Gilt kicks off a fresh new branding campaign by promoting this high-energy video ad on Facebook. The video does more than act as a stylistic catalog for products found on the site; it also conveys Gilt’s classic, high-end and youthful messaging, serving as a short and sweet introduction to Gilt’s aesthetic and voice.

After Gilt saw initial success with the video ad on Facebook, the retailer expanded the campaign to Instagram audiences as well. Cross-platform advertising on Facebook and Instagram is easy thanks to audience and targeting parity.

Link Ad FB Link Ad

Taking cues from the strong performance of the video ad, Gilt repurposed the creative by taking a screenshot from the video and transforming it into a Facebook link ad. This image works particularly well because:

  • It displays a wide range of products found on the Gilt site
  • It’s understandable as a still image, and
  • It still conveys Gilt’s sophisticated voice and high-end aesthetic.

Carousel Ad

Gilt carousel ad


Carousel ads are the modern equivalent of a print catalog, giving viewers the option to swipe through images and browse collections of items. Each slide in Gilt’s carousel ad features a shot from the brand’s initial video, giving Facebook users more time to linger and admire the clothing and the staged scenery. Two of the slides even create a panoramic effect based on Gilt’s link ad, providing browsers with further incentive to swipe forward to the CTA and ultimately shop on the Gilt website.

Canvas Ad Canvas Ad

What do you get when you combine video, link and carousel ads into one format? A beautiful Canvas ad. This new mobile ad unit from Facebook is immersive, treating viewers to a full-screen visual experience. Because Gilt had already separately tested the link, carousel and video components of this Canvas ad, it was easy for them to determine which versions were the most successful and include them here.

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