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Essential Lead Generation Resources That Advertisers Need to See

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Want to use social media advertising to grow lead generation for your business? You’re not alone. In a survey of marketers worldwide, 58% reported that increasing lead generation was their most important digital marketing strategy goal.

Successful lead generation requires more than luck. Advertising teams also need to know which tools, ad units, strategies and creative will be the most impactful and boost the outcomes of their campaigns. The resources below cover all essentials you need to know in order to generate the most leads from your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Basics of Lead Generation

shutterstock_403797997Social media provides a powerful tool set for not only generating more leads, but for finding the best leads. To learn how to do accomplish this, download How to Scale Lead Generation with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads for expert insights and best practices.

It’s also worth exploring the potential of Facebook’s ad unit designed specifically with lead generation advertisers in mind. Learn all about Facebook’s lead ads and how they can boost the performance of your campaigns.

Creative Tips for Lead Generation Ads

Finely-crafted ad creative will help you stand out on social platforms and will communicate the value of your brand to audiences. Make sure you know these 9 essential creative best practices for lead generation advertisers.

Many lead generation advertisers using Nanigans have seen success using Facebook video ads. See which data-backed creative techniques are helping them drive positive results using video on Facebook.

shutterstock_303468863Many lead generation advertisers are also expanding their ad campaigns to Instagram. This visually-focused platform means marketers need their ads to feature eye-catching ads. See which creative strategies are helping advertisers appeal to audiences on Instagram.

Twitter has also been a vital lead generation platform. Twitter features mobile-friendly ad units, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and screen-popping formats like video. Here’s how advertisers are using Twitter ads to generate and nurture valuable leads to help grow their business.

The Inside Scoop on Lead Generation Strategies

shutterstock_157563695Interested in expanding your lead generation efforts to a new platform? Learn how one of the largest advertisers in the lead generation sector used Twitter ads to target qualified leads in the most cost effective way.

Nanigans’ team of advertising specialists also have insight and strategies that can help online education, insurance, and financial service advertisers achieve lead generation goals. Take your lead generation advertising to the next level with these insider tips.

How to Scale Lead Generation with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads

Learn expert insights and best practices for lead generation campaigns that deliver results.

Download the Guide

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