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Be Seen on Every Screen: 6 Best Practices for Advertising on TV and Social Media

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The biggest day in TV advertising is almost here! With 30-second ads during the 2017 Super Bowl broadcast selling for $5 million, reaching audiences during the big game may only seem like an option for the largest advertisers.

However, TV and ads on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not mutually exclusive. In fact, over half of advertisers now use a multichannel marketing tactics that includes both TV and social media advertising. Using the strategies below, advertisers can use both TV and social to reach audiences, increase awareness and drive revenue.

1. Use Digital As A Testing Ground

Digital ad Testing - TV Social Media Advertising Best PracticesTV ads don’t come cheap. Depending on when it airs, a national 30-second TV commercial can average more than $100,000! Before making this large investment, try testing out your ad on social channels to determine if audiences respond well to your creative themes.

2. Tie Your Ads Together

Tie Ads Together - TV Social Media Advertising Best PracticesKeeping your marketing message consistent across TV and social media will make it easy for viewers to remember your brand. Be sure to stick with your brand’s theme colors, slogans, tone, and logo so you’ll be instantly recognizable to audiences. However, staying consistent doesn’t mean you can’t evolve. Be sure to still try out different messaging and calls-to-action so you can determine which works best at driving towards your campaign goals.

3. Keep Targeting Consistent

Keep Targeting Consistent - TV Social Media Advertising Best Practices

Your ideal customers are the same whether they’re seeing your ad on TV or on social media. That means your target audience should also stay the same across both channels. For example, if you’re running a TV ad during the Teen Choice Awards, be sure you target related digital ads to teens on sites like Instagram, or reach Super Bowl ad viewers who are discussing the game on Twitter by targeting a game-specific hashtag. This will reinforce brand recall and give audiences a chance to take immediate action after just watching your commercial on TV.

4. Pay Attention To Pacing

Pay Attention to Pacing - TV Social Media Advertising Best PracticesWhen your ads run on TV should also influence when they run on social media. If you’ll be advertising during a big TV event such as the Super Bowl, pace that ad (or a similar ad that’s part of the same campaign) to run on social before and after your commercial. This will help with brand recognition and ad recall, which is especially important during commercially competitive events when audiences will be inundated with ads.

5. Adapt Your Creative

Keep Creative Consistent - TV Social Media Advertising Best PracticesRunning ads on TV and social media isn’t necessarily a cut-and-paste job. While you can certainly run the same ad on TV and as a video ad on sites like Facebook, you’ll have a better chance of capturing viewers’ attention if you view your social ads as a chance to expand or reinforce a particular idea that you introduced in your TV ad. Try lengthening your commercial into a longer-form video ad, or condensing a key piece of it into a mobile-friendly GIF format. You can also use frames from your commercial to craft an interactive Carousel ad.

6. Follow The Golden Rules Of Video

Follow Golden Rules of Video - TV Social Media Advertising Best PracticesVideo creative best practices apply to both social video ads and TV commercials. Make sure your ads are instantly interesting and grab viewers’ attention within the first three seconds of the video. Optimize for silence so audiences can understand what’s happening in your ad even if their TV, computer or mobile device is on mute. Make sure your video sticks to an easily understood sequence and present a clear and compelling call to action at the end.

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