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Recap: Facebook’s Q4 2016 Earnings Call

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

As highlighted in our Q4 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report, direct response marketers using Nanigans software to advertise on Facebook had a banner quarter through the competitive holiday advertising season. Return on ad spend (ROAS) among ecommerce advertisers increased an average of 33% year-over-year, on a same-advertiser basis. At the same time, purchase rates skyrocketed 68%. 

Yesterday’s Facebook earnings call similarly reflected the continued growth and success of the platform:

  • Total revenue grew by 51% quarter-over-quarter to $8.01 billion
  • Mobile ad revenue accounted for 84% of total ad revenue (vs. 80% this time last year)
  • Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users (MAU), an increase of 17% year-over-year 

For further takeaways from Facebook’s Q4 2016 earnings call, read on:

Stats and Facts

Revenue - Q4 2016 Facebook Earnings Call


  • Facebook now has 1.86 billion MAU
  • 66% of monthly users visit Facebook every day
  • Instagram now has over 600 million MAU

Daily Active Users - Q4 2016 Facebook Earnings Call

Recent Developments

  • Improvement and additions to Live Video
  • Recommendations feature added to platform
  • Messenger apps are growing quickly, with new additions coming 

Takeaways For Advertisers

The future of Facebook is video – “I’ve said before that I see video as a mega trend on the same order as mobile. That’s why we’re going to keep putting video first across our family of apps and making it easier for people to capture and share video in new ways. ” – Mark Zuckerberg

The mobile migration continues – “Marketers are increasingly seeing mobile as an opportunity it is. In 2016, we saw more marketers prioritizing mobile and especially mobile video. People consume video differently on mobile so the best marketers are optimizing their creative. ” – Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook has a solution for all campaign objectives – “Our goal is to drive value for our clients. As we grow the diversity of businesses on our platform, we’ve invested in building ad products that meet a broad set of objectives – from building brands to moving products off shelves online and in-stores. To make our ad products as relevant and effective as possible, we’re increasingly tailoring them by vertical.  ” – Sheryl Sandberg

Looking for further details on the call? Here’s some additional coverage:

Or you can go straight to Facebook investor relations to view the slides, listen to the call, and read the transcript in full.

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