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Facebook Video Ad Budgets Rise 119% Year-Over-Year [Study]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

One of the biggest tropes coming out of Facebook’s most recent earnings call was the rising prominence of video. In the call, Mark Zuckerberg noted that video is becoming one of the most active areas of advertising growth. He also said that the company has big plans for distributing short-form video content in a manner outside of the traditional newsfeed.

Video Flash - Video News RoundupThe Nanigans Q4 2016 Facebook Benchmark Report highlights the quarter-over-quarter growth of mobile video in the Americas.

Facebook’s latest announcement reflects how an increasing number of advertisers are investing in video.

Facebook video ads grow in popularity

A study of advertisers using Nanigans found a rise in the use of video ads from Q4 2015 through Q4 2016. Within this group of advertisers, video ads have continually captured a greater share of total Facebook ad spend over the past year.

Facebook ad spend video vs non video

In Q4 2015, an average of 30% of these advertisers’ Facebook budgets went to video formats. By Q4 2016, this had grown to 65% – a 119% year-over-year growth rate, and up 11% quarter-over-quarter from the Q3 2016 share of 59%.

What this means for your ad campaigns

Video Ads - Video News RoundupWhile these figures underscore the growth in video advertising on Facebook, individual marketers should view the latest stats in the context of their marketing goals and strategy. It’s entirely likely your campaign spending on video falls below the nearly two-thirds majority as seen within this sample group.

However, marketers, particularly those targeting mobile users in highly developed countries, would be wise to test or retest the format against segments of their target audiences. It’s clear that direct response advertisers are finding increasing levels of success here.

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